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                             HOLY GHOST REVIVAL STIRS NORWAY

                                             By Aril Edvardsen, Kvinesdal Norway

We are glad to have had Brother Max Solbrekken here in Norway for campaigns in many of our large cities. It was my privilege to prepare his crusades here in Norway, together with the local Pastors and his interpreter, Oddvar Tegnander. We have had a wonderful move of our Lord in every place where he has ministered.

God has moved in a mighty way as hundreds of sinners have been saved and many miracles have happened and they are now being reported in our major Newspapers all over the country. We are so glad that Brother Solbrekken came to Norway and we believe that God sent him because Scandinavia at the present time is going down in sin and immorality and the message of holiness and speaking against sin and worldliness that Brother Solbrekken brought to us is just what all Scandinavia needs.

Many thousands of our Christian friends in Norway have been crying for a great revival and we know that God is NOW visiting our nation, and we are looking for a mighty outpouring of the Holy Ghost all over Norway. It has started in many cities and we believe it will continue, not only in Norway but spread to Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Iceland.

We have just closed a great Convention in Kvinesdal. We had a huge rally here with over five or six acres and all the land roundabout with tents, where thousands of people from the whole of Scandinavia have gathered. We have also had the privilege of having Brother Solbrekken speaking here and God moved in a mighty way. Preachers from many countries have been here and we have been stirred by the Holy Spirit and God’s miraculous working power.

We are so glad that God is visiting our country and we are praying and looking forward to God sending Brother Solbrekken back to our country to help us in this great work!


By Oddvar Tegnander: in Korset’s Seier (August 1968)

I met Brother Solbrekken at the airport in Bergen on the 1st of May and from that day on we have had meetings, not only one day but up to three times a day in Bergen, Sandefjord, and Trondheim. The crusade in Filadelfia, Oslo was wonderful with hundreds of people being saved, healed, blessed,  and stirred to a deeper and holier walk with God.

Also, Brother Max Solbrekken had outstanding meetings with Brother Gabrielsen in Stavanger. The meetings at the General Conference at Hedmarktoppen were greatly blessed by God and were the Conference at Kvinesdal. What I should say about his preaching is that he is very strong on holiness and I  have felt standing by his side that the same Spirit that has been resting upon our brother, has also been resting upon me.

Praise the Lord! And so we have been able to give out the Bible message to hundreds of hungry souls as we have seen them coming forward to the altar to give their hearts and lives to Jesus Christ. Many have also received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, speaking in tongues and glorifying the Master.

Many sick people have come forward for healing and with our own eyes we have seen miracles happen; people who have been bound by the chains of the devil and others who have been bound with sickness and disease have been liberated by the power of Jesus Christ and the power of His Resurrection.

I am so glad to know that my Brother who has been working in this country and has fulfilled a Mission in these three months in giving the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to our people, has enjoyed such successful meetings. These meetings have challenged my own heart to believe God for miracles in answer to my prayers as well. I feel many of our ministers in Norway have been stirred in their hearts in this matter also.

We have the wonderful hope in our hearts that our brother will come back to Norway for more campaigns, not only in Norway but to other countries in Europe. Dear reader, will you please pray that the continuation of Brother Solbrekken’s ministry here in Europe might be glorious for the glory of Jesus Christ our Saviour, don’t forget to back him with your financial support as well.

Please come back soon Brother Solbrekken, we need your ministry among us again and again. – Missionary, journalist, Interpreter Oddvar Tegnander, August 1968.

Pastor Roald Andersen & Brita Gloppen

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