Saturday, September 23, 2023


                                                 Christ is the Answer to Life's Questions


by Pastor Max Solbrekken, D.D.

Little children as young as three are killing themselves in the USA, where a recent news report labels suicide epidemic in the most affluent nation of the world. Canada isn’t far behind, but until recently we didn’t have statistics because child suicides just weren’t reported publicly.

Now the sad story is known everywhere!  Not only the incurably ill, the chronic manic depressive or jilted lovers are killing themselves, but so are teenagers and little children.

The European situation has taken an ugly twist also.  A British company has even published a book on how to commit suicide.


 It’s just too much for the normal mentality to grasp.  Why would anybody want to kill themselves when life is so precious?  There is so much to live for, family, work, friends, love, and God!

Each of us has a built-in safety mechanism to help us in times of danger.  The adrenaline begins to flow when we are afraid and need to escape a dangerous situation - extra strength comes to us in times of trouble. 

Everything within our beings is programmed for self-preservation, and our love reaches out to help others in need.


Then why the epidemic?  What are the underlying causes for this rush toward death? Large numbers of Russians disillusioned with the hopelessness of life in the communistic, totalitarian Soviet Union, became alcoholics. 

They had resigned themselves to a slow form of suicide through booze and many are addicted today!  Vodka dulls the brain and makes it easier; they claim.

Alcohol and drugs enslave millions around the world, and they are responsible for many violent deaths on the highways, murders, and suicides!

Without a doubt, the economic situation of the past decade with its gloom and doom for so many has brought heartache and pain.  And with the present generation being pampered by welfare, high wages, and a free ride for so long, when the crunch came, they just could not cope!


Financial reverses - where an individual loses everything - often push a person over the brink of suicide.  The Bre-X scandal claimed its first victim, BC lawyer Lawrence Beadle took his own life after it was officially confirmed that the Bre-X stock was worthless.

During the great crash of ’29 many wealthy business tycoons who lost everything overnight took the big leap, jumping to their death from their opulent high-rise buildings!

Another factor contributing to the increasing suicide rate is the psychology of war and nuclear destruction that haunts our young people.  After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, people felt quite safe.  In May 1997 Boris Yeltsin, ticked off by the expansion of plans of NATO - stated that Russia reserves the right of ‘First Strike’ with nuclear weapons if threatened!

Now in 2023, Russian President Vladimir Putin is echoing that threat as he is systematically destroying the country of Ukraine with help from China, North Korea, and Iran. Many nations of the world are now struggling with high inflation and poverty with the lack of energy and America's greatest liar and bumbler shutting down oil drilling, natural gas refineries, and delivery pipelines to please the wealthy Climate Warming weirdo socialist idiots!

War is still on many people’s minds as we consider the terrible conflicts between Muslims, Croats, and Serbs in the former Yugoslavia! And many believe that the conflagration which is slowly simmering in the Middle East will soon erupt into another full-scale war!

 If it’s all going to end in a holocaust, many postulates, why not end it the way we choose - an overdose of drugs, a bottle of pills, a razor blade, or a gunshot?

WILL IT GET WORSE?  Unfortunately, the answer is yes.  It will get much worse unless a new psychology of life and living emerges - a new philosophy that destroys the myth that man just happened by chance, that we evolved from an ape!

No, my friend. Man did not evolve! We were created in the image of God, not like an animal or insect! Human beings are one of a kind and life is precious! 

Therefore, we must stop the killing of millions of unborn babies and change the word ‘abortion’ to ‘murder’.  And we must, once and for all, get rid of the Hitler mentality of infanticide, euthanasia, and genocide.


The rush to assisted suicide by “short-sighted men and women” in the medical field, sometimes triggers cloak-and-dagger killings of unwitting and unwilling patients, whom they feel are filling a space someone else should occupy!

Why are we seeing these evil things escalate?  Pope John Paul II addressed this phenomenon correctly when he spoke of what he calls, ‘The Culture of Death’!

Dr. Henry Morgentaler - the secular humanist - who rejected God and our Lord Jesus Christ, did irreparable harm to our society, the dignity of women, and human life in general during his long and bloody career as Canada’s leading fetus killer! 


The problem is two-fold!  No. 1 - It is setting a bad precedent.  If things are too tough, throw in the towel.  We often hear horror stories of people who were depressed and only thought they were terminally ill or had received an erroneous diagnosis before committing suicide!

No. 2 - Whoever assists in a suicide is playing God.  No one has the right to take human life but God.  Job said, “The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord”. (Job 1:21) Ultimately, only God decides if we live or die and when!


I have a grave concern about governmental agencies, media journalists, medical doctors, and clergy who are promoting weird sexual behaviour. Are they really desiring the best for these misguided souls?  Or do they have a hidden agenda? 

Some are caring folks.  Others, I’m afraid may be ‘closet Kevorkians’ - possibly homosexuals - who despise others, knowing that the more liberty and license the homosexual lobby acquires, the more AIDS, STD, and suicides there will be!

If you think that’s far-fetched, remember:  There were a sizeable number of homosexuals among Adolf Hitler’s elite S.S. inner circle and Hitler’s relationship with Eva Braun was allegedly only platonic - leaving us with the question - “Was Hitler also a homosexual”?

One thing we do know is that Hitler’s top homosexual aids helped carry out his orders to imprison and kill thousands of homosexuals.  We also know that the world’s most famous Jew hater and killer was himself part Jewish!  How ironic!

In my opinion, the only people who truly love sexual perverts are ‘born again Christians’ who pray for them so that they will receive Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.  And be miraculously healed - through faith and prayer in Jesus’ Name - from AIDS and other diseases!


In a blind trust, 38 men and women followed cult leader - weird, spaced-out, flying-saucer fanatic Marshall Herff Applewhite to their deaths at a stately rented mansion in Rancho Santa Fe, California!

Suicide is ‘self-murder’, as it is called in Norwegian (selvmord), and condemned as an abominable sin in the Holy Bible! Applewhite, who was known as ‘Bo’, together with his female partner ‘Peep’, alias Bonnie Lu Trusdale Nettles, left Oregon with a group of 20 hippies in 1975, looking for a UFO to take them to another world!

The UFO never came, ‘Peep’ died of cancer, and the aging ‘Bo’ changed his name to ‘Do’ and began recruiting new members for his “Heaven’s Gate” cult via the Internet.  It paid off for him as new blood gave the cult new impetus, together with the coming of the Hale-Bopp comet!


Let us never forget - when this life is over, we will meet our Maker, and we will reap what we have sown.  And God loves us all and desires to save, heal, and bless everyone!

In the meantime, let’s begin loving one another and stop harming one another. Amen. For further spiritual counsel, prayer, or gospel literature, please contact us as soon as possible!

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