Tuesday, May 23, 2023

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 Defend Rights: Resist LGBT Event Bubbl Zones

Imagine a world where expressing your opinion or peacefully protesting could result in fines or imprisonment. This might soon be a reality for Ontarians if Bill 94, the Keeping 2SLGBTQI+ Communities Safe Act, becomes law.

Introduced by Ontario NDP MPP Kristyn Wong-Tam, Bill 94 is designed to create censorship zones around drag queen story hours, gay pride parades, and transgender-promoting events.

It will function similarly to the "Safe Access" law, Bill 163, proposed and passed into law under the Kathleen Wynne Liberal government, that banned all pro-life speech regarding abortion around abortion clinics, hospitals, and pharmacies. This included banning life-changing and saving sidewalk counseling pro-lifers offered outside abortuaries to women.

This dangerous idea of silencing supporters of traditional family values began in Calgary, Alberta. The activist mayor, Jyoti Gondek, and the rest of Calgary city council recently introduced the "Safe and Inclusive Access Bylaw," which prohibits designated protests within and around all municipal public facilities. Under this bylaw, anyone wanting to demonstrate against pro-LGBT events at these public venues will be restricted from coming within 100 meters of the location. Violators of these newly implemented regulations could face penalties of up to $10,000 and a one-year prison sentence.

Bill 94 raises the same serious, if not more dangerous, legalities as it is designed to radically undermine and alter free speech and civil liberties within Canadian provinces, starting with Ontario.

This bill will severely limit free speech and freedom of assembly by restricting the rights of those who protest LGBT events, including Drag Queen Story Times and Pride Parades.

Moreover, Bill 94's potential violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is alarming. The Charter guarantees "freedom of thought, belief, opinion, and expression." By imposing restrictions on these fundamental rights, Bill 94 will continue setting a dangerous precedent for future legislation.

The bill argues its existence to protect the 2SLGBTQI+ community members from harassment and discrimination. However, they forget that existing laws address these issues without infringing on all Canadians' civil liberties already exist.

In conclusion, Bill 94 is designed to shut parents and concerned Canadians up about the LGBT community's continued attempt to stop anyone and everyone who works to stand in their way from grooming our children, erasing women from society, and continually sexualizing our culture.

The legal implications and demands of this legislation are too significant to ignore. As concerned citizens, we must stand up for our Charter Rights and oppose this bill.

Together, we can ensure a truly free and respectful Ontario exists without bending the knee before a sexualized minority seeking to enforce their perverse lifestyle upon all Canadians.


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