Thursday, May 18, 2023

A Life of Alcohol Says Rose Bishop - ONLY JESUS CAN DO THESE THINGS!

      Pastor Solbrekken: Rose, would you tell the people what happened to you ten years ago in the city of Calgary? Exactly when this happen?

      Rose: It happened on July 19, 1976. Well, ten years ago I sure wasn’t doing what I’m doing now. I was out in the world, lost, divorced from my husband and drinking every day to forget my problems.

     One of my nieces had been to one of Brother Max’s meetings before and I was telling her a long time ago I used to go to the Lutheran Church and I felt good but this is what comes from backsliding. In our church we were not taught about the power of the Holy Ghost.

      We were taught the salvation of Jesus Christ but that’s as far as the preaching went. When we went in it was a dead church. Forms and rituals, that’s all it was. But you see we didn’t have the Holy Spirit, I needed that power. I didn’t like the way my life was but I just couldn’t help myself. I didn’t have the power to be able to do what I wanted to do.

      Pastor Solbrekken: You drank every day?  
Rose: That’s right. I drank every day until my niece told me about the meeting. She said, “Auntie you should come over and hear this preacher preaching."  So I went and I’m sure happy that I did go because that’s where I got saved. The service was altogether different than what I was used to.

      I knew the first night that I was there that this was what I was looking for. Right where I was sitting, I gave my heart to Jesus Christ and I just cried that whole week. They had revival in Calgary the whole week and I was there every night because this was what I had wanted for so long.

     I received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost two or three months later after we got back from the Holy Land. The Lord made a way for me to go with the Solbrekken group to the Holy Land and while I was there I prayed to the Lord that He would save the rest of my relatives also.

     When I got back from the Holy Land I knew that God had to use me to go and tell my family about Jesus. For about 3 years I travelled completely just out of a suitcase. I didn’t have a home or anything. I just went wherever the Lord directed me and I was able to reach all of my relatives across Canada to tell them about Jesus.

     God put everything together for me. He delivered me from my drinking problem, then He made a way for my husband and I to get back together and remarry. He is saved also and 2 years ago the Lord blessed us with a trip to the Holy Land together. That meant a lot to my husband. I just thank Jesus for that.

     We have 4 grandchildren and one of my little granddaughters is filled with the Holy Ghost and speaking in tongues and it is beautiful to see that. That’s a blessing from God when you can see something like that.

Rose & Ernie Bishop testifying at the July, 2016 Tent Camp Meeting at the House of Prayer on Hiway 623, south of New Sarepta, AB

 Dr. Max Solbrekken installing Rose Bishop as Pastor of the House of Prayer Community Church, Fort Macloed, AB on October 16, 2016