Monday, December 2, 2019


Dr. Max Solbrekken officiating at funeral of  
Alfred Moise Laboucan November 19, 2016

 A Solemn Moment in the Service

                          Hundreds Gathered at Funeral
   God gave Moses Laboucan 24 years of life after his death sentence, and now he sings and dances in the presence of the angels in Heaven. We will miss you Moses, Man of God!
    In 1992, Moses was in a diabetic coma lasting 2 1/2 months at the University Hospital in Edmonton, AB. His family had been waiting for four days, with only 3 days left before the life support would be removed resulting in his death.
    His son Len called Pastor Max Solbrekken to come immediately to the hospital, to pray for a miracle. During his prayer, Pastor Max asked God to raise up Moses Laboucan in three days! And it happened on Easter Sunday morning in 1992.
    Within 10 days, Moses Laboucan walked out of the hospital completely well. Under his arm he carried the Medical Report chart, listing the diseases he had earlier: kidneys, liver, lungs, heart, blood, and possibly his brain. 
    Across the entire chart, the Medical Doctor had written, 'The Miracle Man!'
     - Max & Donna Solbrekken