Thursday, December 20, 2018

When Albertans are mistreated they speak with a BIG Voice, but are the politicians listening? A Lot of people have awakened to the dangerous trend Canada is heading? It is time for Christians to call a Prayer Meeting! - Pastor Max Solbrekken

Nisku truck convoy and pro-
pipeline rally ‘way bigger than expected’: 
Organized in just 36 hours by a group calling themselves "Truckers for Pipelines", the convoy sent a strong message to Justin Trudeau that Alberta needs “pipelines not handouts” and that the Liberals need to kill their pipeline ending Bill C-69.
The trucks started staging at Blackjack's Gaming Room early this morning for a drive that would take them on a loop through Nisku, finishing up at Ensign Energy Services where Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer spoke this afternoon.
Organizers said they aimed for an optimistic turnout of 1,000 trucks and pieces of heavy equipment.
Instead, convoy numbers reached nearly 2,000 units. In fact, so many trucks participated in the convoy that it took nearly two hours to get all the trucks out of the staging area and organizers were concerned that the 22 km long convoy route wouldn't be long enough to accommodate all the trucks at the same time.
Today, I talked to some truckers and their supporters about why they thought it was important to come to the convoy on a very chilly December morning.
If a trucker’s protest of this size took place anywhere else in the world, there would be political resignations.
But here in Canada, I doubt our leaders in power will even pay attention. 

Sheila Gunn Reid [email protected]