Friday, October 2, 2015

JUNE, 1964 - Corner of King George Hiway & Highway 97
A Friend found these photos and sent them to us. This was the
first crusade with the old Army Tent, which I purchased for 
$2,000. Brother Casperson, a great friend and Norwegian 
Fisherman, provided the funds to buy the tent and truck. We 
had powerful crusades in Edmonton, Winnipeg, Steinbach &
 other points in 1964 & 1965. It was eventually destroyed by a
storm in the late summer of 1965 in the Steinbach Crusade!
  God gave us outstanding Miracles of Healing and many souls
for His Kingdom during two years in this old Gospel Tent.!!
- Pastor Max Solbrekken
The Municipality of Surrey gave us permission to pitch 
our Gospel tent here prior to the start of a building project.
Evangelist Max Solbrekken speaking. Rev. Don Gossett 
was key sponser of the crusade. Joyce Gossett on the organ.