Friday, October 30, 2015

Dr. Peter Eppinga joins Pastor Max Solbrekken this Sunday November 1 @ 10:30 & 6:30 PM at Christ the Healer Gospel Church 136 Ave F S Saskatoon, SK. Everyone invited to Holy Communion & Divine Worship Services!

   Dr. Peter Eppinga, M.P  has an awesome testimony. The Author of Your Brain:Three Pounds of Fat is a fine Medical Doctor and also knowledgable and anointed of the Holy Spirit. His father, Gerry who is a powerful preacher was converted from a life of sin, alcoholism in Prince Rupert, B.C. in 1976 in our Gospel Crusade. He closed down his Night Club, gave away his chairs and PA Systems to churches and has been serving God for many, many years reaching multitides for Jesus Christ. His son Peter is an outstanding young physician with a heart to help the unfortunates of this world. He has a message that everyone should hear and follow.
        -  Pastor Max Solbrekken