Friday, July 31, 2015

          Perth Syndrome Healed
From: It's A Miracle - Real  Stories ~ Real People

When I was ten years old (1978) my grandfather 
Mario Kenny came to take my mother and me to the Max Solbrekken Revivial Crusade in the Corona Motor Hotel, Yorkton, Sk.

Because my left hip bone was disintegrated due to Perth's Disease - a disease that turns bones into chalk - I could not walk. My left leg was 1 1/2 inches too short. They had given me special crutches and were outfitting me with a permanent wheelchair.
My grandfather carried me down the steps into the large ballroom at the Corona Hotel. When Pastor Max Solbrekken asked for people who needed a miracle, my Grandfather carried me up to the 'Man of God!'

Rev. Solbrekken prayed for me all the severe pains were gone immediately. I could walk, run, jump and do anything a normal 10 year old girl does! And I didn't need the special orthopedic shoes I had to wear! I had spent many weeks and months in the hospital - in traction - since I was seven years old.  We went back to my doctor and he verified the miracle.

Dr. Kim said, "Look at these two x-rays. Here's an old one that shows you have total deterioration in your hip bone and here is the one I took today that shows a normal hip!" When I told him what had happened, he rejoiced with me and marked my chart, "HEALED BY FAITH!" Then he spent a long time asking my father Andy Farkis about the miracle in my body.

During my High School years I excelled in all sports, playing softball, ice hockey and winning trophies and first place honors across Saskatchewan, Alberta & British Columbia. Even today at 30, I still play on an ice hockey team and softball team. I have 3 children and am expecting the 4th child soon. I thank God for His miracle in my body, which happened 20 years ago. I am still perfectly well today! 
All the glory goes to Jesus.