Sunday, November 23, 2014

November 26 - 28: Wednesday, Thursday & Friday at 7:00 PM - Special Prayer Conference in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. Prayer, Fasting, Revival, Miracles during three days of Prayer with Fasting at Christ the Healer Gospel Church 136 Ave F S. Everyone Welcome! - Pastor Max Solbrekken

Pastor Max & Minsters lead the congregation  
in deep intercession for Sudan during 
Khartoum 2006 Crusade 
Pastor Max & Peterson Sozi lead all the Ministers
in protracted prayers of intercession for Uganda
during 2011 Unity Crusade in Kampala
Pastors & Deacons of Christ the Healer Gospel 
Church are praying for a mighty outpouring of 
the Holy Spirit in Saskatoon
Carlos Crookedneck & Band lead Praise & 
Worship to God the Father through our
 Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!
Lonnie & Shelly Sims. Lonnie is just back
from powerful crusades in Brazil. Lonnie
will be speaking Friday 7:00 pm Nov. 28 
and at our Christmas Banquet Nov. 29
Jesus awaits us all as we unburden our hearts 
before Him. He has promised to meet our
every need! Come expecting Him to do it.
An oasis for hungry, lonely, hurting sin-sick 
souls at 136 Ave F S in Saskatoon, SK