Friday, November 21, 2014

 Remembering Dad's Testimony
                                  By  Ron Colp
Norman Colp
Here is the testimony and picture of Norman Colp that you had asked us to send to you.  Thank you for your prayers for my own healing. We are waiting on God for complete healing.

Dear Dr. Max Solbrekken,
     Today is cold in Southern Alberta where I live but I was remembering another time when I recently had warm fellowship with you at the House of Prayer at New Sarepta.
    It was the Sunday before Thanksgiving Day and along with the joyous service, you invited us to stay and have Thanksgiving Dinner with you and the congregation. It was great to visit and meet some dear people there.
      I related to you a narrative that was passed along to me from my father and mother; Norman and Edith Colp. In 1968, my father was still suffering from a back condition that continued to plague him even though he had some vertebrae fused in his back.
     He and my mother travelled to Edmonton from their home in Wainwright because they wanted to attend the funeral of a young man. This man was the brother of their sister-in-law.
     The pastor taking the service was Rev. Max Solbrekken and my father had his faith deeply stirred there and it was then that he resolved to go to a service where Rev. Solbrekken would be ministering. 
      That very week, my parents did attend and Rev. Solbrekken came up to my father and asked him why he wore the copper bracelet on his wrist. My father replied that it was for an arthritic condition.
      Rev. Solbrekken asked him to bend over and touch his toes. My father bent over but could not touch his toes and he explained that his back had been fused. Rev. Solbrekken prayed for him and asked my father to bend over and touch his toes again.
     My mother related that you have never seen such an astonished look on anyone until you saw the look on my father’s face when he reached down and touched his toes. Rev. Solbrekken stated that what doctors had fused, God had just unfused.
     My father worked many years after that incident and received a number of healings in his life but none so affected him as that first one, which was complete and lasted his whole life. God had restored my father and my father’s faith and faithfulness live on in me today.                                                           - Ron Colp