Thursday, February 6, 2014

DECEMBER 6, 1973
Max Solbrekken stands on the jagged shoreline where 
St. Paul came riding in on some of the ship's wreckage 
A.D. 59. God sent Pastor Max Solbrekken to Malta 
for the unthinkable ~ A Gospel Crusade  ~ something 
that had not happened in 1,000 years and possibly not
since the time of St. Paul,  who after being saved from 
a ferocious storm conducted the first Healing Crusade  
Rev. Max Solbrekken with His Grace Monsignor
Michael Gunzi Archbishop of the Roman Catholic
Church in Malta. The 1,000 year-old-Law put in
place by the Maltese Knights that forbade anyone
but a R.C. Priest to preach to the Maltese people
was changed after God's servant preached to the 
Archbishop. He said: "I wish you the best in your
preaching of Jesus Christ to the Maltese people.
To God be all the glory, honour and praise for His 
goodness, mercy and love to the Maltese people!