Thursday, March 15, 2012

Americans are sick, tired and sorry that they elected a College Professor and Community Organizer from Chicago (the most corrupt city in the USA) to lead such a great nation as the United States of America. Someone recently characterized him and his policies like 'Jimmy Carter on steroids'. He should get off cigarettes and smell the coffee and start listening to real men like Allen West and the writer of below article - Pastor Max Solbrekken

President Barack Obama Apologizes to Muslims but Not to Americans or Mexicans
March 14, 2012 by Da Tagliare

First President Barack Obama profusely apologized to the Muslim world for the accidental burning of damaged and defaced Korans by US military personnel.  

But he never apologized to the Christian world for the Bibles that were burned along with the Korans.  Remember now, Obama professes to be a Christian, not a Muslim.

Now President Obama is again apologizing to the Afghan Muslims for the killing of 16 civilians who were shot by an apparently deranged US soldier.  

The Afghan people are protesting and vowing to murder all US soldiers.  They are burning the US flag and President Obama in effigy, which many Americans have wanted to do also.

The Taliban released a statement condemning America and its soldiers as murders and pigs (pigs are so unclean to a Muslim that to touch a pig or eat any portion of one would be enough to prevent them from going to heaven).  

They have also vowed to increase their attacks upon the US forces in Afghanistan and the neighboring regions.

I find it ironic that the Muslim people are so outraged over the killing of sixteen civilians by a US soldiers when their own people have been murdering and blowing up thousands of civilians.  

Even the Taliban attacked and killed some members of the Afghan government that were visiting the site of the US soldier attack.  And no one seems to be condemning that!

Obama has now apologized twice to the Muslim world for things he didn’t need to really apologize for.  But when it comes to what his administration is responsible for, where’s the apology?

Operation Fast and Furious was directly responsible for the murdering of over 300 Mexican civilians and police.  

This fiasco was initiated by the US Department of Justice along with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.  Our government knowingly placed hundreds of weapons in the hands of known drug cartels and those weapons have been connected to at least 300 Mexican murders.

Where is the President’s apology to the Mexican people?  Where is his apology to the American people that live along the Mexican border who have been terrorized by these same weapons?  

Where is the apology to the family of the Arizona rancher who was murdered by Mexican drug runners?

President Obama did offer an apology to the family of slain Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry, but it wasn’t nearly as emphatic or heartfelt as his apology to the Muslim world.

And what about the incident at Ft Hood, Texas when Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a Muslim, opened fire on his fellow soldiers killing 12 and wounding 31 others. 

 I didn’t hear President Obama apologize to the families of the victims or to the US Army or to America like he’s done in Afghanistan and the Muslims.

Mr President, if you treated America and Americans the same way you treat Muslims and other nations, then perhaps your approval ratings wouldn’t be so low and you may have a better chance of being elected for a second term.  

As a matter of fact, if you like them so much more than you like us, then why don’t you pack up and move over there and stop destroying OUR country!!!