Wednesday, November 30, 2011

St. Paul wrote these encouraging words to a despised Church that was going through terrible persecution for the name of Jesus Christ: "But, my God shall SUPPLY all your needs (spiritual, psychological, physical, domestic and economical Needs) according to His (God's) riches in Glory By Jesus Christ." (Phil. 4: 19)

Max Solbrekken World Mission
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Dear Friend of Jesus,                                                                                                  December 2011

The land was dry as a bone for many months of drought. It was unseasonable for the rains to fall in September, but 10 days before our Crusade was to begin, the rains began and overflowed with water. Crops began to rot in the fields because they could not be harvested. The rain was good for the country but not so good for open air meetings in a soccer field that quickly turned to mud!
Because of the horrific 7/11/09 gift from hate-filled Islamic terrorists that killed 82 and wounded more than 70 others from two mega bombs at the World Soccer Cup in Kampala Uganda on July 11, 2009 security was very tight. No large, public meetings were allowed for two years. God gave us favour and for the past six months the Max Solbrekken Gospel Unity Crusade teams had meetings in Parks every week-end showing the messages from our 1994 Crusades in Kampala on large outdoor screens!
Our plan was to hold the September Crusade in a large spacious Park downtown but because of security concerns we had to be relocated to the outskirts of Kampala, which troubled me somewhat. We had more than 100 policemen guarding our Crusade Grounds 24/7, which we had to pay for.
Our Blessed Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ knows everything. The Soccer Field we used was in the heart of the Roman Catholic area and right next door to the headquarters of the Muslim district.
Evangelical Pastors were filled with joy because they had not been able to break through in that very difficult area, but God gave us a genuine breakthrough and hundreds of young men and women were converted in every service. What the Devil meant for evil, God turned into a great blessing! Through the rain and large Police presence and being on the outskirts of the City, God worked out His Own Will. A large group of journalists from nearly 20 news outlets attended an unprecedented News Conference. And three large secular radio stations gave us one hour and 30 minutes respectively on a Sunday morning.
Through that MEDIA, multitudes heard the gospel from my lips, as well as on TV and in Newspapers!  And God gave us  great breakthrough among the Roman Catholic and Muslim populations! Hallelujah!
I have an opportunity to begin producing and releasing powerful messages on TV across Canada in the New Year. I need your help!!!