Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hello.!! Is anyone listening? Is the Church still sleeping? We keep hearing the warning whistle of the coming train crash, but sadly, too often the watchmen are tired, bored and in some cases out of touch with reality! What is the answer? Read 2 Chronicles 7:14. A genuine Christ-centered awakening and revival is the answer. We need to put our spiritual, domestic & economic house in order and pray through for some old fashioned common sense and God-given direction. I am praying for every Christian to begin having prayer and Bible studies with your families, as well as at the Church. - Pastor Max Solbrekken

Last Days of the Euro, Says a Major Swiss Bank, Unless….

The Wall Street Journal carried a story that Credit Suisse, the huge Swiss bank, is forecasting the last days of the euro. But it adds a proviso: unless there is integration of the separate economies. In short, it’s breakdown vs. the New World Order.
This comes from a Swiss bank. The Swiss have opposed integration with Europe for 1000 years.  Why is a huge Swiss bank becoming a mouthpiece for the New World Order?
The report uses frightening language. It speaks of “the last days of the euro as we currently know it.” But then it went on to say a complete dissolution of the monetary union is neither immanent nor likely.
What is going on here? These people should make up their minds.
We get this assessment from the bank: “. . . some extraordinary things will almost certainly need to happen — probably by mid-January — to prevent the progressive closure of all the euro-zone sovereign bond markets, potentially accompanied by escalating runs on even the strongest banks.”
Really? What kind of extraordinary things need to happen between now and mid-January? This: the beginning of the final push into a one-state order in Western Europe — the culmination of 90 years of planning by the New World Order crowd.
The bank said that investors would only be reassured by credible signs that fiscal and political union in the 17-nation currency would be forged. “We suspect this spells the death of ‘muddle-through’ as market pressures effectively force France and Germany to strike a momentous deal on fiscal union much sooner than currently seems possible, or than either would like,” Credit Suisse said. Only then could the European Central Bank take a more assertive role in preventing a collapse of the euro zone’s financial system, the bank wrote.
This will require changes in the treaties that brought the existing system into existence. This means the final “gotcha” of the NWO against the naive voters who accepted the treaties in the name of free trade. That was the bait. The hook has always been forced political integration.
Here is a Swiss bank promoting that which the Swiss have always opposed: European political integration.
The voters oppose this. They will not vote for it in a referendum. So, there will be no referendum. It was be a negotiated treaty at the top. The NWO is preparing the final move. They even got a Swiss bank to become a cheerleader.
The NWO is taking advantage of a crisis that was created by the large banks that run the political show. They got themselves in a jam. They will now use the public fear that their economic stupidity has created to get bailed out. They will at long last get Europe trapped in a one-state order which bankers control. Sweet deal, no?   Continue Reading on blogs.wsj.com