Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Multitudes have been saved, healed and filled with the precious Holy Spirit by Christ's never changing power through our humble Ministry for Him. - Pastor Max Solbrekken

Blind see, Deaf hear, Cancer Healed
        By Ken Ruaur,  Burning Bush Crusades (M-21Haiti)
                  Burning Bush Christian Crusades <[email protected]> 

In 1974 we had the opportunity to go to Port-au-Prince, Haiti with Pastor Max Solbrekken. My function was to price out and see the feasibility of starting an orphanage there.

Max was scheduled to preach to about 15,000 people at a Soccer Stadium and the first night the power went off so Max went to the local radio to preach. He was only gone about 15 minutes when the power came back on so they turned to me and said you have to speak. Well I had never spoke to a crowd bigger than about 350, nor had I ever spoken through an interpreter.

At that time my motto was, we should be ready to preach, pray, sing or die at a moment’s notice. I was scared and thought maybe I'd die, so I preached anyway. Well the anointing of God came upon me and I preached for over an hour. Instead of preaching just salvation the Holy Spirit had me speak on life after salvation; On how to live after salvation, how to grow in Christ, etc.

I had a mass alter call for all those that wanted Christ as their Savior to raise their hands, there were about 1500. Then I asked how many wanted all that Jesus had for them, about ¾ of them raised their hand, so we prayed and rejoiced in song and praise. Then, I said that all that are afflicted or need deliverance and healing to lay their hands on the area of their affliction and as I pray, God would deliver and heal them. I then prayed under the anointing of God and when I was done, I heard shouts of astonishment and joy as people were healed by the power of God all over the stadium. In the second row was a man that had crippled feet and had to be carried, He was instantly healed and RAN up front to testify, another testified that his blind eyes were opened and his friends that brought him testified it was true. There were multitudes that had ears, eyes opened as well as other types of healing.

By this time Bro Max was back, so he preached and prayed for about an hour. We never did start an orphanage there, as there prices were higher for land or buildings than in Canada and if you would try to dicker they would keep upping the price, so they got nothing.
One evening we had a service at a city about 50 miles southeast of us and during the service I was telling of a lady that had been bought to Brother Max's meeting at the Revival Centre in Edmonton in 1971 with cancer. Her family brought her in wheelchair as the doctors sent her home to Lougheed (which is 100 plus miles east of Edmonton) to die as she was full of cancer and they did all they could. I don't know if it was her idea or her family's to try pray, but either way they came.

When Brother Max called for those that wanted prayer, they wheeled her up and she told Max what it was about and I was standing right beside her. So Max prayed and rebuked the Spirit of infirmity (cancer). The first thing I noticed was her countenance changed and then she got out of the wheelchair and walked without any help.

A little over a year later she came again to the Centre and I recognized her even though she had filled out her gaunt places and was the picture of health. So I went over and ask how she was , she said that after Max prayed they went home to Lougheed, Alberta and instead of dying she continually got better and within a couple of months was her old self. She went back to the doctors and they were flabbergasted, but skeptical especially when they heard it was prayer. She had just been to the doctors that day for a final checkup and she has no traces of cancer in her blood. She got up and testified this to all that was there.

As I finished sharing about her I heard someone say, “Here I am, that’s me.” Here she was in our meeting almost six years later and still cancer free and healthy. To God be all the honor and glory!
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