Tuesday, November 30, 2010

New Israeli Bulletproof Fiber

New Israeli Fiber a Revolution in Bulletproof Armor    
ICEJ News   November 24th

Please pray for more amazing inventions and discoveries to come out of Israel
    In October, ICEJ News reported on an Israeli invention stronger and more robust than steel, and twice as strong as Kevlar. With the recently announced creation of TorTech Nano Fibres Ltd., it seems there is now something even stronger on the market. TorTech was created to produce a material carbon nanotube fibre for the enhancement of body armor and composite armor systems for vehicles. This new material is lightweight, flexible and so thin that it is barely visible to the naked eye. In addition it is reported to be three times stronger than Kevlar. Dan Ziv, CEO of TorTech’s mother company Plasan, stated: “Through Tortech, we intend to produce a carbon nanotube-based yarn, which can be woven into the strongest-ever man-made material. Plasan’s expertise will then enable the design and production of a revolutionary new range of body and vehicle armor.