Monday, November 29, 2010

Celebrating 40 Years since their Coversion
to Jesus Christ and a NEW LIFE of Love!

On December 8, 2010 Earnest & Mary Mountain will celebrate 40 years since their conversion to Jesus Christ. Their lives were forever changed when they fell on their knees in Pastor Max Solbrekken’s office in Edmonton, Alberta that cold wintry day December 8, 1970. Praise God!

Earnest and Mary Mountain were about to end their common-law relationship, which included four little children. Their drinking and arguing was destroying them. Earnest was a hard worker and had a new car, but had lost his license because of a drinking conviction.

He had seen the big red cross with the words
Edmonton Revival Centre and was drawn toward it. At 10 AM on Dec 8, 1970,

Mary and Earnest walked 10 blocks to meet Pastor Max Solbrekken. They
were born again and filled with the Holy Ghost and fire. God has blessed their
marriage and their 6 children are all well educated and serving the Lord!
Since they gave their lives to Jesu Christ on Deember 8, 1870 they have experienccd great love, peace and joy that no  man or devil can take away. They have become missionaries for Jesus wherever they are. And Earnest preaher like a young Oral Roberts! Hallellujah.