Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jesus Healed Me 41 Years Ago



                              By Pastor Emile Houle, Gift Lake, AB
     In 1969, I contracted pneumonia and was very sick. I was 14 years of age. We were many miles from a doctor. The only way we could get medicine in our village was through a Roman Catholic priest, who dispensed it to those who were ill.
     We used to listen to Pastor Max Solbrekken’s Radio Program from White Rock, B.C. It was called, ‘The Cry of His Coming’. I was lying on the bed, having difficulty breathing when God’s servant came over the airwaves.
     After his message he said, “If you are sick, lay your hand on the radio cabinet as a point of contact and as I pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord, release your faith to God and receive a healing miracle.”

    The room became quiet as Pastor Max prayed and commanded in the name of JESUS CHRIST that sickness and disease must leave those who were afflicted. I laid my hand on the radio cabinet and believed what the preacher said. Immediately, my breathing became normal, my lungs were healed and I got out of bed, saying: “I am healed. I am healed!”

     My mother got so happy and we were all excited. After that we began paying to Jesus Christ with Christians who were Pentecostals! And now 40 years later, we are still praising God with born again, Spirit - filled Christians and Pastor Max Solbrekken is our good friend, who visits us from time to time!