Sunday, January 7, 2024




The WHO is pushing a dangerous agenda, and we need to act NOW!

Just days before Christmas, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced plans to develop guidelines on “the health of trans and gender diverse people”. 


Their focus? Access to hormones, surgeries, and legal recognition of gender self-identification for kids! They're pushing a purely ideological agenda, all while leaving out any critics or experts in child and adolescent development.


The WHO purposely scheduled a meeting to issue concrete measures on these guidelines, with a guideline development group in charge of the meeting that was heavily biased in favor of "gender-affirming" approaches.


One commentator noted that three-quarters of the group was made up of “trans-identified, members of “affirmative” advocacy groups” including one group that promotes “child eunuchs”, and an academic who not only goes by the pronouns of “they/them/that b*tch” but who also advocates for doctors to help “older teenagers” turn their bodies into “gendered art piec[es]” with hormones and surgeries. This is a clear push to realize the sick designs that radical LGBTIQ+ activists have for children!


The WHO then opened up a very tight window for public comments during the holiday season. They stop taking comments on the 8th of January. That’s this coming Monday!  

And they've already set a meeting for February 19, 2024, to make key decisions. Such a tight timeframe doesn't give enough time for real consultation or to properly review the evidence. Basically, they’re acting as if their guidelines are fait accompli… but we’ve got news for them!


In the remaining days left for public comment on these draft guidelines, we need to bombard the WHO with emails that tell this elite globalist body (that’s supposed to be a health organization) that their focus should be on the safety and well-being of kids, particularly given the long-term health effects of hormone treatments and puberty blockers on children and adolescents.


If we manage to pressure the WHO into dropping these provisions, we can stop further promotion of harmful treatments like gender change surgery or hormones for children. There's hope, but only if we act NOW! Time is running out, and we need as many signatures as possible to make an impression. Take action and sign our petition to demand that the WHO abandon these dangerous guidelines immediately!


Your signature could mean the difference between a world where gender affirmation is backed by an international institution like the WHO, or one where we prioritize the long-term physical and mental health of children. 

If we don't act, dangerous treatments will become even more widespread, with the approval of this global health authority but, bizarrely, without the proper understanding of the long-term effects of those dangerous treatments.

Join us by signing our petition and telling WHO to prioritize the best health interests of children and young adults.