Saturday, August 5, 2023


                                              Missionary Dean, Ruth and Andrea Milley


 When I was just a child I remember God touching my heart in Sunday School and placing His hand on my life for ministry but I pushed it aside and tried to forget about it.   I think I may have been about age 7 then.

I remember my Sunday school teacher teaching about the 99 sheep and the Master going out to look for the one that was lost.  I can remember so clearly today how God spoke to my heart and said He wanted me to go and find those who are lost and perishing without Him.


During the time I spent here, Satan continued to try to drag me down.  He threw all my old habits in my face all the time.  During the years there I did well. My marks were good with some help, I received good grades on my term papers with some help and I attended school all the time, unless I had to work. To sum it up I graduated and got my diploma and today I’m glad I had the experience to attend college, but I’m sad to say that I really didn't have much of an experience with God.  I was just drifting along in the formality of a Christian with no experience. 


I wasn’t even out of the city of Edmonton before I started to party again. I had gotten worse than ever before.   My life consisted of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, stealing, dealing a little drugs and whatever you can think of with a lifestyle I was living.  There is one thing I thank God for and that is I’ve never killed anyone.

Although I made such a mess of my life and I became a disaster,  my family never gave up on me.  Even when I got in trouble with the law, they stuck by me!

I was working with my Dad in the family business. I was getting an excellent pay cheque that was always wasted in drugs and parties. Because of the money I was making there was no problem for me to get whatever credit card I applied for.  My plans were to use all the credit on all my credit cards, then commit suicide.

 One night after I checked into a hotel my credit card got rejected.  I had only enough left on it to go to a cheap motel, so after causing a big scene I left and went to the motel.   While lying there in bed I was caused to look in the night table drawer.  There was a Gideon Bible.  I picked it up and it opened to Psalm 139 and the verses that caught my attention that night was 7-13. There I read that God will follow me and He will never forsake me.


That night I was caused to think back to the day in Sunday school when God called me to do a work for him.  I’ll never forget that night in that cheap motel and the Gideon Bible.  Anyhow the next morning my soul was a little troubled, but I soon fixed it with a drink.

As I headed back home to my little town, I became worse than I ever did.  I was under deep conviction.  Something I hadn’t felt for a long time.  Time passed and I started dating a Christian lady.  During that time I attended church with her.  I started to be convicted more than ever.

 remember one night leaving my place under deep conviction and driving to a nearby town where a great man of God was preaching.  As I drove towards that church, I saw such a glow of the Holy Spirit up on it.  The Spirit drew me to the service. As I walked in they were singing, “Because He Lives”. I was so convicted but still I didn’t accept Christ.


By this time all, I wanted to do was take my own life.  On May 15, 1988, I left my house about 8:00 p.m. leaving a suicide note in my bedroom on my bed.  I had plan to go to the Trans-Canada Highway and have a head on collision with another car.  As I was driving, I ended up taking a turn that led me to a Church camp called Camp Emmanuel where they were having a prayer conference with Evangelist Max Solbrekken.

 All I did was drive around that big place they were using for camp meetings.  As I drove around that night I thought, when the children of Israel walked around the walls of Jericho 7 times, the walls came down.  So I went on driving, then I pulled up in front of that place and walked in. 

That night God met me there.  I remember Pastor Solbrekken saying that God is calling a young man back to him.  He told me I had planned to not live another day but God wants me to know this was my night.  He said he was going to count to ten and he wanted to see me at the altar before he finished.  I ran to the alter, when I got there my pastor, Terry Snow, my brother, David, Pastor Ivan Randell and Pastor Foster were there with me.


As I knelt there, I felt nothing.  Everything left me and I didn’t want what God was offering me.  I stood up to leave but Pastor Snow ask if he could pray before I left.  As he did, I fell to the floor. Before long I was feeling really weird.  I started to tremble and scream.

When Evangelist Max Solbrekken saw this, he laid his hands on my head and came against the powers of hell and the forces of Satan in Jesus’ name and rebuked them.  After much persisting prayer, I was set free from the powers of hell and the demons that had me possessed for years.

As I was being set free it was like cotton unwinding from a spindle and it came from the pit of my stomach and out of my mouth.  I stood up that night like a bird set free from its cage.  Everything looked so clean! Even the dirt.  Even the darkness outside was shining.    

It was when I was saved that night that God brought back to my heart that call to ministry He had placed on my life as a child in Sunday School.  I’ll never forget it as long as I live.  As I laid there on the floor God showed me, myself, standing before a pulpit.  Between me and the pulpit there was a big wall of fire.  On the other side of the fire was a huge black hole with people in it, crying out for help.  People of all nationalities.  That night I said yes Lord whatever you have me to do I will do it for you.

When I got up, I went home that night a free man.  That night I went to bed and had the best night sleep I had for a long, long time!


I was free! I started telling people and they could see that I was a different person.  Again that night when God set me free, He reminded me of my call to ministry.  That night I promised God I would do exactly what He has called me to do in ministry.

 God open up doors for me to share my testimony of how He changed and cleansed me from a life of sin. He took all my shyness and nervousness away!  God opened up places for me to do music ministry as well as share from His word.


     I believe it would be fitting to point out that back in the late 60's when Pastor Max was ministering in Evangelistic Services in Lewisporte, NL. My Dad went forward and accepted Christ as his personal Saviour.  My Dad has told us that during that service the Holy Spirit spoke to his heart and said: ”If you don't do it for yourself, Do it for your family”.

I thank God for the night my dad accepted Christ under Pastor Max's ministry.  If my dad had not accepted Jesus that night I can't help but wonder where I would be.   All of my family are serving God and they are in ministry.  Also my grandparents on my Dad’s side and my Mom’s side died Christians and we will see them when we get to Heaven.  What a joy we have waiting for us to be reunited with them around the throne!


When we make Christ first place in our life! He can take what looks impossible and make it possible! He did it for me and he can do it for you!  When things go up side down and you think there is no hope.  Get alone with God and tell him all about it. 

I have had the opportunity to be ministering in Peru since 2001.  We have seen over 50,000 in our ministry and through our church come to Jesus Christ.  This is not including the many other Evangelical churches that are there in Peru.  We have the Alliance, Baptist, Interdenominational, Salvation Army, Assemblies of God, Independent, and many other churches that are preaching Jesus Christ is the only way. We have seen many deliverances, miracles, and healings . 

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