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                                       FREDRIK FRANSEN:                                                               NORWAY'S FIRE PROPHET

                                  By Pastor Max Solbrekken, D.D.

Fredrik Fransen was an itinerant Gospel preacher in Norway around the turn of the 19th Century. At that time it was almost impossible for a Minister to conduct Gospel meetings outside the Lutheran State Church. 

Fredrik Fransen had been invited to stay at the home of an elderly man by the name of Anders Nor, while evangelizing the city of Ålesund, which lies near the Ocean.

His work came to an abrupt end when an agitated crowd turned ugly and threatening. The preacher was told in no uncertain terms that he was not wanted in that city and a very large, angry gathering of town’s people literally chased him out of Ålesund.


Just outside the city, Fredrik Fransen spoke to the angry mob with these words, "As you have driven me out of your city, one day all of you will flee from this city on this very road." 

About a year or so later a fire started when a cow kicked a torch in the Ålesund Preserving Company’s factory at 2:00 AM on January 23, 1904. A gale from the sea propelled the fire forward and almost the entire City burned to the ground. 

As the fire swept across the city devouring almost everything in its path, the owner of the house fell to his knees and prayed. His relatives said: "Hurry, you old religious nut. Get out and run for your life." He answered: "I didn't start the fire and I'm not leaving." 

They said: “We are all carrying what we can to the top of the mountain. We will take your furniture, you old fool. You will die." He answered: "You are free to take what you want. I didn't start the fire and I'm staying."

The fire leaped over the house belonging to the man who had given the preacher lodging. It is still preserved as a ‘heritage site’ . It is called 'Waldehuset'. Anders Nor divuged that an angel had visited him the day before the fire, informing him that his home would be spared! (Psalm 91:10-12)

The fire raced up the mountainside to the look-out (A restaurant is there now) and burned every one's furniture. True to Fredrik Fransen's prophecy, thousands of people literally ran for their lives out of Ålesund down the very road they had chased Fredrik Fransen.

Eight hundred and fifty homes were destroyed. Ten thousand people were able to get to saftey, but unfortunately thousands perished in the early morning fire! I have had powerful meetings in that city and have seen God's hand in saving and healing people!


At the 100th anniversary of the fire January 23, 2004, I was preaching in that city and was invited to the Museum at Midnight to hear the history and enjoy some musical renditions performed by their Orchestra.

 After midnight several hundred brave souls made a two to three hour walk about the city to hear the Curator/Historian relate some facts about the fire 100 years earlier. Pastor Haaken Nilsen introduced me to the Curator and informed him that I could speak Norwegian and that I knew the history of Fredrik Fransen. 

The Museum’s Curator said that the House had been recently struck from the tour, and he would be pleased if I would relate to the crowd the story of Fredrik Fransen and the reason the fire did not engulf that house, because many had not heard it.

I stood on a chair at about 2:00 AM and shared with several hundred die-hard History buffs the great historical event of the Ålesund Fire and why it happened, and that God not only loves us but also Judges mankind because of our sins. 

Everyone there were very attentive and I prayed for their City and all their loved ones and our Revival crusade continued with God's blessing of forgiveness, healing and deliverance!


1. ACKNOWLEDGE your lost state: Romans 3:23; Isaiah 53:6

2. BELIEVE the Gospel: John 3:36; Acts 16:30,31

3. REPENT of your sins: Isaiah 55:7; Luke 13:3

4. RECEIVE Christ as your Saviour: John 3:16,17; 1 John 5:12; Rev.3:20

5. CONFESS Him as your Lord: Rom. 10:9,10; Mark 8:34-38

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