Wednesday, August 26, 2020

 Netflix doesn't stop and they're going deeper and deeper into the obscene!

Netflix has already made a name for itself for releasing movies that degrade Jesus Christ (The First Temptation of Christ) and glorify sexual violence (365 Days). In Cuties, Netflix goes further into the obscene by hyper-sexualizing 11-year-old children.

According to the official description (since changed by Netflix after it received backlash) on the site, the film tells the story of “Amy, 11 years old, becomes fascinated by a twerk team. To try to join them, she begins to explore her femininity and challenges her family traditions.” 

Netflix announced that Cuties is to be released on September 9th! Your help is urgently requested!

This French movie, originally released in France on August 19, is just beginning to create a scandal on North American social networks, mainly because of the inappropriate advertisements Netflix has made to promote Cuties release in September.

In the various interviews she has given since the film's release, director Maïmouna Doucouré mixes up a whole bunch of reasons that pushed her to make CutiesFrom the denunciation of hyper-sexualization to the opposition to patriarchy, all these reasons are mixed and give the impression of total confusion in the movie's objective.

In any case, the result is there: a film in which 11-year-old girls are hyper-sexualized.

The dissemination of Cuties on Netflix also contributes to the normalization of the sexualization of children in our media. With the reach Netflix has, there is a social responsibility to ensure that the films they distribute do not contain themes that are grossly detrimental to the well-being of society and the development of young adolescents. 

Can you imagine the disastrous impact Cuties can have on young girls, who may be encouraged to do the same thing because they will have seen it on Netflix?

There is also a good chance that this movie will attract many pedophiles, who will now not even need to consult illegal content.

We've suspected for years that many media corporations are attempting to normalize the sexualization of children. Netflix is here providing us with one more confirmation: Netflix is no less than openly promoting the sexualization of children.

After the first wave of protests, Netflix apologized for the picture and wording used for the promotional campaign of the movie. It shows Netflix is afraid to lose subscribers and doesn't want to be in the spotlight.

Let's double down on our pressure and tell Netflix that it's not enough. Sign this time-sensitive petition to tell Netflix CEO Reed Hastings to stop their plans to put Cuties on Netflix and stop sexualizing children.

Thank you very much for your involvement,

James Schadenberg and the CitizenGO Team