Saturday, March 11, 2017

Part 2
By Pastor Max Solbrekken, D.D.
    After my Dad's supernatural healing and baptism in the Holy Spirit in 1956 through the radio ministry of Oral Roberts, I became aware of the presence of God touching my heart again. 
    When I was confirmed at the age of 14, I truly did trust in Jesus Christ as my personal Saviour, "renouncing the devil and all his works and all his ways." 
   And in 1951 at S.L.B.I. while listening to the powerful Lutheran Evangelist Sylvan Johnson, I was again touched by the Holy Spirit, but failed to yield completely to Christ.
    When my Dad was healed and filled with the blessed Holy Spirit I witnessed first hand the Gospel in operation. I was confronted with the TRUTH that the Holy Bible is true, Jesus Christ is alive and that God loves us!
    In June 1957, the Holy Spirit was drawing me again to surrender to Christ and to "deny myself and take up my cross" and follow Him. During our two week vacation, Donna and I decided to visit my parents in  Saskatchewan, during which time I experienced the born again experience and the baptism of the Holy Spirit.
  God blessed us in every way as we prospered spiritually and financially.  In 1958, while working as a Commercial Traveller for Swifts, I was offered a unique sales position with McCormick's, where in a short time I tripled my earnings. Instead of selling meat for Swift Canadian, I was selling biscuits for McCormick's.
     I had about 300 customers to call on once a month, west from Prince George, B.C. to Prince Rupert and East to 100 Mile House. Some pastors asked me to speak at their churches. Jack and Irma Williams at 2 Mile near Hazelton, B.C. looked after five parishes while he worked on the green Chain at the Sawmill, so whenever possible I filled in for him.
    Jack and Irma Williams, Fred and Gladys Hunter in Terrace and other Ministers, brought me into contact with various Indian groups and I learned to appreciate, love and respect them! I was also loved by them and adopted as Honourary Indian Chief of both the Gitsan Eagle Tribe of Kispiox  and the White Whale Tribe of Hazelton.
   It was as a Commercial Traveller, that I learned to be a soul winner. During my business travels I devoured the Bible, taking courses, fasting, praying and preaching wherever I was invited. I never missed an opportunity to pick up hitch hikers in order to present the gospel to them. On a number of occasions my customers would ask me questions relating to the gospel and ask for prayer! 
   On October 8, 1961, two years before entering the full time Ministry, I began broadcasting on Radio KARI Blaine, Washington and soon thereafter our 30 Minute program was also carried by CFCW Camrose, Alberta and CHAB Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.
   One day I called on Kelly Douglas Company in Prince Rupert. The Manager asked me to join his staff for lunch. Out of the blue, he introduced me to more than 30 workers and asked if I would take about 15 minutes to share with them something from the Bible. The Holy Spirit touched hearts as I expounded the Gospel and as I asked God's blessings upon them, a solemn presence of God was sensed by all!
                   DEAN PATTERSON CAME TO SEE ME!
     In (about) 1961, I was asked to speak at the Native Friendship House in Prince Rupert, B.C. During the service a clergyman came to see me. He introduced himself, saying: 
  "I am Dean Patterson of the Anglican Cathedral. Max Solbrekken, I have come to ask you to forgive me. I have been very much against you and your ministry. Some of my parishoners have attended your services. They would talk about being saved and healed and filled with the Holy Ghost, and it upset me greatly.
     "I went to see Dr. Elliot at the First United Church and shared with him the problems your ministry was causing at the Anglican Cathedral. I asked: 'Dr. Elliot, what should we do about Max Solbrekken, the McCormick Biscuit salesman?'
    "He said, 'I don't believe we should do anything!' I asked: 'Why' Dr. Elliot answered: 'I believe that Max Solbrekken the McCormick Biscuit salesman has something that you, Dean and I,  do not have.'
     "I went directly to the Cathedral and prostrated myself on the floor in the form of the cross, directly beneath the Cross and I prayed: 'O Lord, what does Max Solbrekken, the Biscuit salesman have from You that Dr. Elliot and I do not have?'
     "I was so burdened, so troubled and so desperate to meet God. I do not know how long I stayed on the floor, weeping in His presence, and He filled me with the Holy Ghost. I was changed and my message was changed, full of life and power!
     "After a while, my congregation didn't appreciate my ministry and they asked me to leave. I have resigned my Parish and am invited to join Father Dennis Bennett in Seattle. I wanted you to know. Please forgive me and thank you for your faithfulness in preaching the Gospel in the power of the Holy Ghost."
     I asked him to greet the people and we prayed for him. After I finished ministering, I received a love offering for his family. Near midnight, I drove up to Dean Patterson's house. It was dark as they had gone to bed, so I left the envelope in their mail box.
  Soon after, we heard great news from Seattle about Dean Patterson's Ministry flourishing in that area.
   Fredrik Fransen, was called 'The Fire Prophet'. He was the Leader of Evangelical Missions in Norway in 1901. He stated: "If you have a guitar and can win a soul to Christ, you are qualified to be an Evangelist." Amen.
                 - More to Follow ... MS