Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Max Solbrekken has Reached Multitudes
for Christ by Radio beginning in 1961
                       Max Solbrekken broadcasting by radio across Canada
                               and into other countries of the world in 1966.

Dear Friends in Christ:

What a wonderful week-end in Saskatoon, even though we have lost a soldier of the cross. The funeral service was good and the service at the grave was even stronger and Wayne Pratt and I got to know Buzz's family much better. What a great hope we have in Christ for time and for eternity!

Wayne Pratt's testimony is getting more powerful all the time. It was good to see Darren & Lisa Kayter lay their lives on the altar for Jesus Christ in public repentance and full surrender to our Saviour. I had baptized Darren 45 years ago when he was five years old but he had slipped away from Christ. We are very happy to have them join with our congregation in serving the blessed Lord Jesus!

Every day brings us closer to the Return of our Saviour. Let's stay focused on winning souls and getting our loved ones with us into the fold. I have been invited to get back broadcasting by radio again as I did for many years before I transitioned to TV. We are now making plans to do so again after a number of years. We will alert you as to which stations we will be broadcasting on when we get everything set up to do that once more.

My good friend Jan Hanvold  who is President of TV Vision Norway sent me some encouraging news about opening a new TV Station in Sweden and is sending out powerful programs in the Farsi language across that nation. There are 2 million Muslims in Sweden and unless we reach them with Gospel of Christ, it would be the first Muslim nation in Europe.

Please pray for Europe and especially Sweden at this time! 

In Christ's name,

Pastor Max Solbrekken
2 Cor 4: 5 / Heb 13:8