Friday, July 1, 2016

By Pastor Max Solbrekken, D.D.
    Next year will be our nation's 150th. birthday and we thank God every day, for the blessings which our Lord has given us in this great country! 
   It is indeed a gracious land of opportunity and freedom and the envy of the world and unfortunately, a large unsuspecting target for a massive Radical Islamic Terrorist attack. 
    The price for our freedom was not cheap. During the Second world War, it came at the cost of the blood of more than 42,000 military men from a population of less than 12 million. I remember as a little boy listening daily to the radio, as some of our neighbours had been conscripted to fight the NAZIS in Europe. 
    It was indeed shameful, that Pierre Trudeau was photographed dressed in a Nazi Military Uniform riding his motorcycle around Jewish districts in Montreal, instead of fighting the Nazis in Europe for the sake of freedom! 
    I am thankful to God and proud to be a Canadian!
   In my numerous travels - preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ across the world for more than  50 years - I have met many who longed to leave their own countries and become a part of this great nation!
  They have chafed under totalitarian oppression by corrupt governments, pagan religions - ruling through superstition and fear - that advocate the unfair caste system, approved polygamy and slavery - like inequality to women (by husbands and mother-in-laws) and perpetual poverty.
  And the seeming never - ending Radical Islamic Terrorism that has mushroomed into a world-wide phenomena of genocide, persecution, rape, slavery, beheadings, crucifixions and destruction!
   Whenever possible, I have done my utmost in helping some of them to leave "a living hell", and come to a land of freedom, opportunity and plenty!
   As a native born Canadian and the son of immigrant parents, who left Norway in 1927 in order to help build this great nation, I salute Canada on our 149th Birthday!
    We are a unique nation, the envy of the world.  Surely the hand of God has rested upon us since our inception! And yet, there is a definite general feeling of mistrust, toward many political leaders.       Some believe, that in order to be elected or re-elected, politicians would do whatever is necessary, regardless of how detrimental to our spiritual, moral or economic progress!
    Barack Obama was heralded as a uniter who would have a transparent administration. He is now being called, Divider-Chief as the USA continues to deteriorate in every area except deception, reckless spending and 'leading from behind!'
   Forty-nine years ago, on our 100th Anniversary, I carried the message, 'A Salute to Canada' in the July issue of Canada's Revival Magazine and over our national radio broadcast.
     Pierre Elliot Trudeau - who was at that time Canada's Justice Minister - wrote me a personal complimentary letter, after reading my message.
    In 1972, God impressed me to preach another sermon entitled, 'My Message To Prime Minister Trudeau', in which I warned World Leaders of God's judgment upon those nations which reject His Word and oppress the people!
    The Holy Scriptures state, "Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord". (Ps. 33:12)  And, "When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn". (Prov. 29:2)
   Canada was founded on the Word of God and when politicians forget that, and seek to pacify the electorate to gain political advantage, we are in big trouble!
     I believe, our nation's real problems began when Prime Minister Trudeau liberalized our divorce laws, abolished capital punishment, legalized homosexuality and beastiality, sought to legalize abortion and decriminalize marijuana use!
    As the Fathers of Confederation met in London, England in 1867 to determine the future of Canada, God spoke to Sir Leonard Tilley through the Scriptures as he prayed for guidance!

   The Bible passage that inspired the name, The Dominion of Canada' was Messianic: "And He shall speak peace unto the heathen: and His dominion shall be from sea even to sea..'." (Zech. 9:10)
   My prayer is that a major REVIVAL of genuine Christianity again sweeps Canada from coast to coast. Let us love one another with the agape LOVE of Jesus Christ and seek to bring lost, bewildered and threatened people to the Cross of Christ, where they will receive forgiveness of their sins, healing from their fears, hurts and superstitions through the shed blood of Jesus Christ, the world's only Saviour!
      And now may the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Love of God the Father, the fellowship and communion of the Blessed Holy Spirit be and abide with you for time and eternity! Amen.