Saturday, March 5, 2016

Missionaries Rev. Dean & Dr. Ruth Milley have a beautiful baby girl. May God continue to bless and use them. - Pastor Max Solbrekken

Hi Pastor Max,

Great to hear of all the great miracles that continue to happen in the ministry God as called you to.  I continue to thank Him for your willingness of accepting the call to Evangelism.

If it were not for your willingness, I possibly could have been in a sinner's grave today.   
 Thank God for the way He worked through you to reach my lost soul that was bound

by hell.  It is a night I will never forget, May 15,1988 .  The night of my deliverance.  Since then I have been in Peru ministering and seeing 100's coming to Christ weekly.  Feb 4,2016 marked 15 years of ministry in Peru, South America. In that time we have seen 1000's coming to Christ.  

Just 2 weeks ago today our baby girl Andrea was born.  That was another miracle in our lives.  It was supposedly impossible but a complete healthy little girl of about 6.5 pounds came into our lives.  She is such a beautiful little baby.  I will attach some pics to this e mail. 

I am also in Alberta again sometime in this Fall in Sept,Oct,  or Nov.  I am organizing my agenda now for services.   I am sorry we missed each other last year but hoping we ca
n make it happen this year.  Maybe we could do something together out in BC?  

I have to go but thanks for the continued updates you send every week.  I don't respond, but they are such an encouragement always.

Hoping to hear from you soon.  God bless you both as you continue in His service!!

Dean, Ruth, and our little girl Andrea 😀