Monday, August 11, 2014

I don't need my cane anymore. The terrible pain
is gone from my right ankle that I broke in April.
Says Frank Lidguerre, Fondulac
Pastor Vern Temple & Pastor Max in Prince Albert Crusade
Pastor Max with Earnest Mountain & Chaplain Thomas Harris
Max Solbrekken preaches in Prince Albert, Aug 7-10
Earnest Mountain rejoices together with Pastor Max as Veronica
           Clarke exclaims, "My eyes are healed. I had TB when I was a child
           and I was going blind because of the medication they gave me years
           ago." Her sister Marie Brown verified Veronica's disease & rejoiced
           with her for her good vision. To God be all the glory through Christ!
                           Gloria McKenzie lost her sense of smell at the age of seven
             while in a Roman Catholic Residential School. On Sunday
             August 10, 2014 in the Prince Albert Gospel Crusade Jesus 
             restored her sense of smell after nearly a half century.
                              Altar Time: Many prayed and sought God for Revival