Monday, August 18, 2014

Denise Nelson & Donna Solbrekken, Aug 17, 2014
AUG.17, 2014
Testimony of Denise Nelson
On May 5th. 2000, I was working in a gravel pit 10 miles north and west of Fort Saskatchewan, scaling gravel trucks. The scale was right next to the shack. One of the semis came onto the scale from the opposite direction and hit the scale house twisting it and causing one end to flip up onto the scale with me in it. Also in it was a fridge, big desk and big file cabinet all of which was not anchored down and I took the brunt of it all. 

After going to Fort Saskatchewan hospital and staying the night it was determined that I had suffered spinal cord compression. In the months to follow and many more doctors and specialists, they told me that I would need surgery and because for the place it was in, they couldn't guarantee that I wouldn't come out of it a quadrepaligic. So I said no and opted for God to heal me.

Well they said without the surgery by the time I reached 60, I would start having things go wrong, like numbness and possibly paralysis. I thought that if Jesus could call a dead man who was dead 4 days out of the grave He could fix me up, after all He did make me to begin with, and He does know how all my parts are supposed to work.

Well, I will be 65 in December and had just started to feel tingling and some numbness in my fingers on my left hand. I figure that is because I have been building a deck and I am not as young as I used to be and I am doing heavy work. But it kept on so on Aug. 17th, my friend Kathy Hayes invited me to go with her and our other friend Linda to see Pastor Max Solbrekken preach at New Serepta and she said it was a healing service and because I did go to a church along time ago where he preached and I liked him I said ok.

Well it was a amazing and miraculous service. When he laid hands on me I felt the heat of the Holy Spirit enter and it was good, and for about the next 15 minutes I had no control over my emotions...I just let it all out and I walked out of there healed. There was no more tingling or numbness, I feel great.. I know it wasn't Max who healed me, he doesn't have the power to do that, he did it through the name of Jesus. Jesus says we can lay hands on the sick in His name and they shall be healed.
Thank you Max for allowing God to use you in this way.