Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Today on October 8, Donna and I are celebrating 58 years of married life. I love and honour my beautiful Donna. She is an amazing woman, a great mother, grandmother, great grandmother and an intelligent, hard working and adorable wife! - Pastor Max Solbrekken

                             Wedding Day: October 8, 1955  Saron
                            Evangelical Lutheran Church, Clive, AB
25th Wedding Celebration October 8, 1980
Donna wears her wedding dress again.
                              Mount Masada, Israel. Max carried Donna 
                                down the narrow, winding path after she
                                 had sprained her ankle, 1975
Max & Donna on Mission Crusades to
Northern Philippines, 1992
Donna addresses the huge crowd at the Muslim
Park in Kampala Uganda, 1994

Max & Donna in Brazil, 2005
Max & Donna at home, 2009
 Max & Donna at 50th Anniversary in the 
Gospel Ministry at People's Church 
Edmonton, AB on May 15, 2013
God gave us 6 beautiful children. Now we have
17 grandchildren and  6 great grandchildren
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