Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Let's be about our Father's business of winning souls for the Master. Jesus said: "The harvest is truly plenteous but the labourors are few. Pray ye therefore the LORD OF THE HARVEST that He will thrust out labourors into His Harvest. We need helpers, labourors and willing hands that will assist us to bring in the Harvest for Jesus Christ our Lord. Will you help us? Please contact with your answer.- Pastor Max Solbrekken

   Max Solbrekken's first Crusade in Newfoundland in 1967. 
Hundreds couldn't get into Lewisporte's Ralph L.High School 
as God's Spirit swept across the area. From 1967 until 1988
 his Gospel crusades brought thousands in touch with  the 
Holy Spirit. Many were saved, healed & filled with the Spirit!
   Missionary Dean Milley and his Peruvian wife Dr. Ruth  being
 interviewed on the Come Home To Jesus TV Ministry to be 
released soon in Canada! In Pastor Max Solbrekken' 1988 
Nfld Crusade and Pentecostal Conference, Dean Milley was 
converted and  delivered from perverted  demons of suicide,
 alcohol, and drugs. He is labouring in the Gospel work in Lima 
with a church that has won more than 50,000 people to 
Christ for the past 11 years since he arrived in that city!
Pentecostal General Conference, 1968 at
 Hedmarktoppen Norway
In 1968, Norwegian Press gave Max Solbrekken crusades 
honest, positive reports across the Nation during his three
 month long crusades across the Nation.
Thousands flocked in to hear God's Word and experience 
Gods's miracle power, 1968
Multitudes converted and great miracles during Max
Solbrekken's Morvant Trinidad Crusade in 1968