Monday, February 4, 2013

Jesus Christ performed the Miracle that Terry had to have and that no human hand could give him. Medical Science dutifully and gladly did their job of confirming God's Miracle. - Pastor Max Solbrekken

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Dear Friends in Christ,
   Greetings in Jesus' precious Name! On September 3, 1994, I was privileged to preach the Word of God in the Pentecostal Church in Lyttleton, New Brunswick in Eastern Canada. On that Sunday evening service Terry Somers received an amazing Miracle from the hand of Jesus Christ!
      For many years (1968-1988) I had been invited to preach to thousands of people in Newfoundland under the auspices of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Newfoundland and the leadership of Pastors A.S. Bursey, A.W. Rowe and Roy King.
    After his retirement Pastor A.W. Rowe was invited to be the Minister in Lyttleton. When he asked my opinion, I encouraged him to do so, and that I agreed to  help him when the time was right! He was what that Church needed and I soon received the invitation to hold a crusade there.
     During my return crusade there in 1994, Jesus Christ reached down His hand of mercy and miraculously healed a young man who had suffered for 17 years due to an accident in the mine and had endured a number of surgeries and severe nerve damage and was on total disability!
       On September 4, one day after GOD created the discs and cartilages that had been removed and healed the damaged nerves, Terry Somers - who was unable to lift 10 pounds - borrowed a large Logging truck from his friend Mervin Mutch and worked all week hauling logs and lifting 200 pound steel posts after each load had been off-loaded with no ill affects.
   One week after receiving a new spine, Terry saw his doctor demanding to "get off disability". After a leading New Brunswick Physician and Surgeon had examined him, he wrote a letter to the Medical Doctor for the Workman's Compensation saying that Terry was totally normal and that he agreed with Terry that He had received a miracle from God. This he stated in two places in his letter, underlining that statement twice.
    That leading orthopedic surgeon showed Terry the x-ray they had just taken, saying, "If any other doctor saw this x-ray and did not see the scars on your back and the one hundred x-rays and the stack of reports from various hospitals and numerous  doctors during the past 17 years about you case, he would say: 'Young man - You are a Liar. You've never had an accident and you've  never had any surgeries' because your back is like a 20 year-old-man!"
     Terry is still driving a logging truck but during 'breakup this Spring' is coming to Edmonton and Saskatoon in April to give his amazing testimony for the glory God through Jesus Christ our Lord!
    We will give you the exact dates shortly. Please join with us for the Coming Crusades and receive your miracle from God!

In Jesus Name,
Pastor Max Solbrekken
2 Corinthians 4: 5