Monday, April 16, 2012

Pastor Max Solbrekken asked me to share it on TV, and also to write it for his magazine Cry of His Coming. - Pastor David McCarthy

Healing in the Park

Faith comes from hearing and hearing a "Word" from God!

Days ago, at the historic church House of Prayer Gospel Church on Highway 623, New Sarepta  Alberta, I shared the testimony, about the healing in the park. Many were stirred as this wonderful testimony that happened months ago in Langford B.C.

Pastor Max Solbrekken asked me to share it on TV, and also to write it for his magazine  Cry of His Coming.

It all started in Langford B.C. (outside of Victoria) at Veterans Memorial Park where our condo is, facing the park.

I had just spent about 10 days of fasting and praying for God to move powerfully in Langford, and also at the Full Gospel Businessmen`s banquet, where I was to share on Monday.  On Saturday, God gave me a word.

**Psalm 146 vs. 8-- The Lord raises those who are bowed down. 

This verse just reverberated in my heart, but I did not have a clue what the Lord was saying to me through it. I asked my wife Louise, "Does this word mean anything to you."  But she too did not have an answer, so we included that scripture in our morning prayer.

The next day on a bright Sunday morning, Louise and I  sat on a bench facing the fountain  in the park while worship music echoed through the city core, a man bent over shuffled by in front of us.

All of a sudden the Lord brought back to me that Word from the day before...that He raises those up who are bowed down. I jolted up from my seated position and walked over to the afflicted man seated by the fountain.

I put my hand on his shoulder and asked if I could pray for him. With a cigarette hanging from his lower lip he kindly said, "yes." My prayer had barely begun with, "Lord, I lift up this man to You..." 

Having not completed my prayer the man lifted his chin off his chest, straightened up his back and turned to me with a beautiful bright smile and said, "I'm healed!!!  The Word was in me ready to be put into action to do His bidding.

As he stood up we walked back to where my wife was, and confirmed his healing and now wanted prayer to quit smoking....Praise God!!

This was the answer I was looking for: God fulfilled my prayer, for He is the author and the finisher of my faith. 

Romans 10:17 declares, “So then faith comes by hearing by the Word of God....but it can be translated that faith comes by hearing "a Word" from God.  When we get a word from God, faith gets put in into action, when we take step on the water (out of our comfort zone) and act on His Word..

he next night at the FGBMFI banquet things broke loose.  The Lord gave me a word of knowledge, "There is someone with an affliction with arthritis in his arm.  Three people responded to the call and were healed.

One man, weeks later testified of the miracle saying that he had been on the executive and part of Full Gospel Businessmen's Fellowship for over twenty years and only once, he said, had he witnessed such miracles.

I give Jesus all the praise an Glory.....Amen!

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Bless you...Pastor David P. McCarthy