Thursday, April 12, 2012

David P. McCarthy is the Canadian author of the highly rated books, 'Eternity of the Eternities', as well as 'I Have Chosen Bezalel'. He and Louise are doing a great work for our Lord Jesus Christ in this nation. You are able to purchase his books in Christian Book Stores in Canada. - Pastor Max Solbrekken

How Do You Plead?? I Plead the Blood of Christ!!

Being almost ready to leave Victoria, British Columbia for ministry out east...Who calls on the phone?? Pastor Max Solbrekken.

We always enjoyed being a part of what Pastor Max is doing for the Lord, going from ministering with First Nations, and churches on Vancouver Island, to Christ the Healer Church Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

 In Edmonton, Friday and Saturday evening at Shiloh Baptist and Sunday morning at the House of Prayer in New Sarepta, there was an great expectancy for God to move.

Starting out with wonderful gospel music and testimonies by Canada's First rated Gospel Singer Yvonne St. Germaine with back-up band, to Jay & Nancy Compton; also on guitar Allan Beaver.  It is truly a blessing being under such a talented group of gospel musicians.

Pastor Max's preaching brought many to salvation both nights and Sunday morning as he preached in power about the shed blood of Jesus.  He recited that famous poem by Gertrude Jefferies....How do you plead?? I plead the Blood of Christ, against the crimes you read.

There were many that came forward for prayer as the Lord performed a deep work of deliverance with freedom and liberty....Praise God! 

Louise McCarthy shared her testimony of how God delivered her from death as a baby, to setting her free from epilepsy and alcohol  at the age of 21 at  a Max Solbrekken tent crusade in Kelowna  in 1976. 

Many hearts were torn in deep repentance and awe as the grace of God was revealed by what God did so many years ago.  He is still working wonders in people’s lives today.

Louise and I are amazed at the wonderful work that has been done at the House of Prayer at New Sarepta. God is doing a great work there!!

A Special thanks to Donna Solbrekken for the continuous work, in preparing two large buffets and getting the church ready for this "special occasion."

Pastor David McCarthy