Saturday, July 9, 2011

My good friend Jan Ernst Gabrielsen & I worked together in some powerful meetings in North and South Sudan and in Darfur in 2006 & 2007. Gabrielsen is considered the Grandfather of the Pentecostal Movement in Sudan. I add my congratulations to South Sudan! - Pastor Max Solbrekken

Dear Max!
I just want to shout together with the people of Southern Sudan today a very big

At last you are a free nation after all these years of oppression from the North! All since before Sudan got its independence from Britan in 1956 the war for independence have been going on with exception of the years from 1972 to 1983 after the Addis Ababa agreement.

The starting years of Sudan Pentecostal Churches!
It was these years that laid the foundation of the Sudan Pentecostal Churches after Rev. Benjamin
L. Terah came back from Bible School in Kenya in 1976. He did a great work over many years and laid a good and strong foundation for the work.
   I will never forget the first time I came to help him in June 1977 and saw the breakthrough that the powerful Holy Spirit message had already got there. 
   It became many, many visits to Southern Sudan from that time and all up to 1983 when the war started again.

The war did not stop the church expansion!
Even though Benjamin L. Terah had to run from the Sudan as a refugee to Kenya, Ethiopia and USA, the seed had been planted, and the churches grew. Not only in the South, but also into the North Sudan. With more than 500 local churches all over the country the church denomination has become a powerful partaker in the development of the Jesus Life in Sudan.

Today is an answer to much prayer!
The declaration of Southern Sudan today is a clear answer to intense and continual prayer of the thousands of committed christians in Sudan! I want to shout HALLELUJAH! I am rejoicing with all of you, and we that have been seing your struggles during all these years we contratulate you of all our heart!
   I wanted so much to have been there today, but unfortunately it was impossible for me to be there! Even though I am celebrating with you this day of freedom and I am earnestly praying for the peace and stability of the new nation. May God hold his hand over you as people and your leaders during the difficult time that is in front of you. It will not be easy, but with the help of God and willingness to work hard and serve, you will succeed!
May God bless Southern Sudan!

Yours in His Harvest
Jan Ernst