Friday, April 8, 2011

Lonnie & Sherry Hanson will be singing at House of Prayer New Sarepta AB on May 22 and Christ the Healer Gospel Church Saskatoon, SK in June


Back in October 1983 I received my Lord Jesus Christ and my life and heart began to be changed. I gave up alcohol and was free for a couple of years.
I had a problem staying free as every couple of years I found myself drinking again. I would feel a lot of anger and sometimes rage when I was drunk. I always thought there must be a reason why I had this battle every couple of years. I no longer enjoyed drinking but seemed to be overpowered to drink.
 I don’t remember a lot of what I’m about to tell you but my family filled in the blanks. One evening I was drinking and getting angry again. My wife called my parents and they called Pastor Max Solbrekken to come over.
I found out later that it took 5 people to hold me down on the floor while Pastor Max commanded “In the Name Of Jesus Christ” that filthy lying demon to come out from me.
There is Awesome Power in the Blood of Jesus Christ. I remember hugging Pastor Max after it left me.  God removed all urges to drink and has put a hate for all alcohol in my heart.
I have lived through what the enemy can do with alcohol to try and destroy our lives. I will always be grateful to my God for sending Pastor Max that evening. I remain free! Thank you Jesus!
God’s miracle happened in 1987.
Lonnie Hanson
Claresholm AB
NOTE: Lonnie has recently put out two anointed cds which you can order from him: [email protected]>