Monday, April 4, 2011

The Antichrist is rearing his ugly head. We must preach the Gospel to these deceived people.!

Iranian Video Promotes Islamic Mahdi To Return Soon 

A feature-length documentary film, produced by a top adviser to Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, claims that the cataclysmic events that will usher in an era of Muslim world domination are about to begin, triggered by actions launched by Iran and its Lebanese ally, Hezbollah.

Iran's Ahmadinejad repeatedly talks about the coming of the 12th imam, a Muslim messianic figure whose “reappearance” will make Islam victorious over the entire world.

He begins every public speech — including his yearly address to the United Nations — with a prayer that his actions will “hasten the return” of the 12th imam.

Now former Revolutionary Guards officer Reza Kahlili, who defected to the West after spying on behalf of the CIA inside Iran for more than a decade, has obtained a bootlegged copy of a new film made by Ahmadinejad’s office that lays out the Iranian president’s scenario for how the end-times will begin.

It won’t be pretty for Israel, the United States, or U.S. allies in the Middle East.

The feature-length documentary film produced under the direct supervision of Ahmadinejad’s top adviser and chief of staff, Esfandiar Rahim Mashaei, claims that the cataclysmic events that will trigger the return of the Mahdi are about to start.

It all begins with the death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, revolts in Egypt and Yemen, and ends with Ahmadinejad and Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah leading Muslim armies to conquer Jerusalem.

The film, called “The Coming Is Upon Us,” is now being shown at Revolutionary Guards and paramilitary Bassij Corps bases around Iran, and will soon be released in an Arabic-language edition for mass distribution in the Arab world.

“Their intention is to incite further uprisings with the hopes of motivating Arabs to overthrow U.S.-backed governments, with the final goal of the annihilation of Israel and Allah’s governance of the world,” Kahlili tells Newsmax.

The film uses classic Muslim texts to convince the faithful that this scenario of Muslim world government, led by Iran, was foretold in the Koran and the Hadith, the sayings of the Prophet Muhammad.

It might appear innocuous — like those Christian and Jewish end-times scholars who reach deep into the world of Biblical prophecy for clues as to the exact date of the second coming of Jesus — except that the Iranians are not telling the faithful to prepare their souls for salvation
: they are telling them to gird up for the coming battle with the infidel.

Early on, the film identifies the trigger that will set off the torch of this Muslim end times scenario. “Whoever guarantees the death of King Abdullah [of Saudi Arabia], I will guarantee the imminent reappearance of the Mahdi,” the film states, purporting to quote Muslim scripture.
Signs of the end times abound, the film states.

These include: great earthquakes, sedition, and the rise of evil world leaders (depicted are George W. Bush, President Obama, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, German Chancellor Merkel, among others).

Even worse: “Women will rid themselves of the Hijab,” the Islamic head covering many young Iranian women threw off during anti-government protests in 2009.

“Adultery will become common. Men will dress like women. Men will content themselves to men and woman to woman.”

But the film goes beyond the standard condemnation of cultural depravity the Islamic Republic of Iran’s leaders commonly toss off when discussing the West.

It presents Islamic scripture as a treasure map leading to the end times, and claims to have the key to unlock its secrets.

Kahlili has made a 28-minute version of the film available on his blog, along with English subtitles.

The film claims that the Hadith “map” leading up to the reappearance of the Mahdi includes the following way-points:

The United States and Western colonial powers will invade Iraq.
A revolution will take place in Yemen, and the “first soldiers” of the Mahdi will reach Mecca from Yemen.
The people of Egypt “will rise up against their ruler”.
Jews will re-establish a government in Palestine, and the Muslims will be “separated from one another and be disunited”

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia will die, ushering in a final period of unrest and conflict with Israel that will lead directly to the Mahdi’s return.

The film is nothing short of a declaration of war, an Iranian version of Hitler’s “Mein Kampf,” which after all in German means “my struggle” or “my jihad.”
The key figure in this Iranian end-times scenario is a mythical descendent of the Prophet Muhammad named Seyed Khorasani, who will deliver the flag of Islam into the hands of the 12th imam in person.
He will be the leader of the “people of the East,” and will have “a strong army in order to be victorious in the intense wars to take place before the Coming.”

Kahlili says.

“This is their plan, and it’s coming right from the horse’s mouth,” Kahlili tells Newsmax. “They are claiming to have discovered all of these clues in Islamic scriptures, so this is not just a political plan, but a claim to absolute truth.”
The film claims explicitly that this leader is none other than Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The film claims that Iran has become militarily so powerful that during a recent meeting with Israeli leaders, U.S. Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, announced that “the option of a military confrontation [with Iran] is no longer possible.”

“The pursuit of nuclear bombs by the radicals ruling Iran is directly connected to this belief, as war, chaos, and lawlessness must engulf the world to pave the way for Imam Mahdi’s reappearance,”
“The Coming Is Upon Us” is not about prayer or redemption. It is about war.

To a backdrop of militarist pictures of Iranian leaders with crowds of Hezbollah fighters and driving music, the film claims that a nation “from the East” will rise up to prepare the way for the reappearance of the Mahdi.

That nation, of course, is Iran.