Thursday, August 26, 2010

Øystein Sandtorv’s Testimony of Healing from Migranes!

I had suffered with terrible migraines for a long period of time. I was scheduled to write my final exam in Norwegian after completing four years of studying in Bergen to get my education degree. It was the spring of 1968. Max Solbrekken was conducting a crusade in the old Tabernacle in Bergen, and we had the privilege of seeing mighty miracles night after night!
The migraines that I suffered with were so strong that I couldn’t see any possibility that I could write that exam, but that evening I went forward for prayer in the Tabernacle.
I must mention that after Max Solbrekken had prayed for me, the migraines were twice as strong as before he prayed. As I went home that evening to my room, it was if I could hear the devil’s mocking footsteps behind me saying, “Ha, ha, there you can see. It didn’t help at all, In fact, you got worse!”
But Max had given me a word, Isaiah 53:5. And he said that I could place my own name into the Bible verse where it stated ‘our’. When I retuned to my abode I took my Bible and laid it on my head and walked around the room the whole time quoting my personal Isaiah 53: 5.
“But He was wounded for Øystein’s transgression, He was bruised for Øystein’s iniquties, the chastisement of Øystein’s peace was upon Him and with His stripes Øystein is healed.”

It had been a battle against the Evil One’s spirit world that lasted for 15 to 20 minutes. Suddenly, all the pressure was gone. Satan had to surrender to Him Who had defeated him. He was forced to vacant in Jesus’ name, and I was free. Hallelujah!
I wrote the exam the next day and received a clean mark of 100 per cent.
Many years later, while during a Gospel Campaign, I spent a week - end in Farsund. The Holy Spirit spoke to my heart that I should share my healing miracle at the first service and declare that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever! Several people received Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour in that meeting!
When I should have driven home that night to Kvinesdal, however, I was overcome by a terrible migraine.
I had not experienced any migraines since the night I was healed – 10 or 12 years earlier – but that evening the attack was so fierce that I had to stop the automobile several times during the one-hour journey, to cool my head under some small streams along the way.
The next day the battle began. What should I do? A voice, “You’d better call them and inform them that you cannot speak tonight because you have had an attack of Migraine headache.”
But what would that do to my testimony that I had shared the night before? I would be branded a liar and bring reproach on the name of Jesus!
I made a decision: “If I have to crawl to Farsund, I will make it there and preach the Gospel tonight!” A couple of the brethren came over and prayed for me — and I drove!
I had to stop two or three times during my message that night because the migraine pained and tore in my head, but shortly after my message, the migraine left and I have never had a migraine or headache since that day!
The Apostle James writes in his letter: “Submit yourself therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” (James 4: 7)
For myself, this has been a personal faith lesson as well as for my ministry! God’s Word is stronger than any physical symptoms, regardless how strong they are!
Thanks to you Max for serving me that time with God’s own Word and above all, thanks to Jesus who healed me and is the same, Yesterday, Today and Forever more!   
(Øystein & Edith Sandtorv are presently missionaries in the Balkans).