Thursday, August 26, 2010

I was Going Blind Until Jesus restored My Sight

Sara Masson
Sara Masson — Saskatoon, SK
At six months of age, I began having problems with my eyes. My parents took me to many doctors, but a cure was never found for me, only temporary relief from pain. My right eye was badly damaged and I lost sight in that eye, and my left eye was also going blind. I will never forget the pain I suffered.
My father turned to alcohol, but my mother somehow found the Lord as her personal saviour. When she got saved, she started taking me to church. I grew up attending Sunday school, and my mother and I always walked to church, five miles each way. Thanks to my mother, I am a good walker today.
Even during winter, if we didn’t have a ride to church, we walked. My mother had faith that I would get healed, and that my father would be delivered from alcohol. When I was nine, my father got saved, and he never touched another drop of alcohol.
Then we started traveling to camp meetings, and that is where we met Pastor Max, in the Little Pine camp meeting. My mother took me up for prayer, as my remaining eye was so bad, I couldn’t see with it. When Max laid his hands on me, and prayed for me, I got healed, and I received my eyesight. I have not lost my vision since, I can still see today.
I lost my mother three years after I got healed. That was devastating for me. My children also lost their father to alcohol. I can’t say I raised my kids alone, Jesus helped me. They know the Lord and do well, and have all graduated from high school and University.
During the time I was blind, I was diagnosed with tuberculosis. But when Jesus healed my blindness, He also took away the T.B. The doctors can see the scar where the T.B. was. I have lots to be thankful for, and I give all the praise and the glory to the Lord.
My children and I have gone through many trials, but we always come out as winners, because Jesus is on our side.