Wednesday, September 21, 2022

                WHY JESUS IS SO UNIQUE!                                  By Pastor Max Solbrekken, D.D.

 When Jesus enters a life, He changes that life for the betterment of society! Jesus gives direction, purpose and meaning to life because He is LIFE! He does for that person what he cannot do for himself, because man has been less than fulfilled, ever since the major theft of true knowledge, understanding and equilibrium. Jesus restores man back to his rightful place on this planet with life, and that more abundant! (John 10: 10).

Satan, the adversary of God and man - a killer and murderer - executed that theft from our first parents, Adam and Eve, in the Garden of Eden!  He is charged with grand larceny and with rebellion and idolatry! Before I continue with this incredible, yet true story, let me share the following expose of the 'Evil One', whom we call Satan (Heb. adversary) and the devil (gr. liar, false accuser).

SATAN IS: A lying spirit, a defeated foe, a fallen angel, an eternally lost entity, a master deceiver, a subtle counterfeiter and forger, a gigantic masquerade, a deceptive angel of light, the god of filth, a terrible joke and bad, bad news!       

SATAN IS: A murdering personality, a destroyer and killer, a thief, the father of lies, a habitual liar, a constant loser, a tormentor of the first degree, a bully extra-ordinaire, the very plague itself, sickness and disease multiplied, evil personified and the enemy of God and man!                                     

SATAN IS: A quick change artist, the doomed despot, the unsatisfied sadist, the architect of perversion, the defrocked archangel, the disobedient rebel, the world's greatest gangster and saboteur, terrorist of terrorists and father of all jihadists, suicide bombers and child killers!        

About 2000 years ago, however, history was made on the grandest scale ever conducted on Earth, when God the Son came to this planet in the form of a virgin-born child in Bethlehem. Incarnated, God in human flesh!

 For what purpose and to what end did He come? To seek and to save that which was lost and to liberate sinful, sick, and dying humanity from the slavery of Satan’s intrigue and invention! To redeem fallen man from the curse of the law! (Gal. 3: 13) And to build His Church and empower it to take back what Satan had stolen from the human family!

What can Jesus be likened to? To frightened sailors aboard an ocean-going sail ship, that had been drifting helplessly for days, toward an island whose inhabitants were hungry cannibals, He is a merciful wind that suddenly came out of nowhere, in answer to the fervent prayers of the missionary, Hudson Taylor

To Russell Brass, Edmonton, AB (formerly of Norquay, SK), who had drunk nearly a gallon of wine daily for forty years and could not stop his drinking, Jesus Christ is the 'DOCTOR WHO COULD', when others could not help!

Rev. Allan O' Soup of Norquay, SK. writes about his conversion: "My uncle Russell Brass was a changed man after he attended Faith Cathedral (now People's Church) in 1990! He accompanied Mary, his common-law-wife, to hear Pastor Max Solbrekken preach the Gospel. When the call was given for sinners to repent and receive Jesus Christ as personal Saviour and Lord, Russell experienced the awesome power of the Holy Spirit and answered the call, weeping and repenting! God met him at the altar of prayer, and he was genuinely converted!


"Russell was born again and stopped drinking immediately! For the next eight years, before his death, he never took another drink of wine or anything alcoholic! Shortly after his conversion, Russell asked me to solemnize their marriage! They had lived together for 35 years and decided to make things right in the sight of God and their fellowman. It was my delight to perform the ceremony at Faith Cathedral - uniting Mary and my Uncle Russell in Holy Matrimony!"

To multitudes of sick, suffering, and diseased people across the world who have received miracles of healing and deliverance from demon spirits in our crusades and those of other 'Men and Women of God', Jesus Christ is the Great Physician!

In the book, 'The Great Physician', Dr. Lillian Yeomans, M.D. tells her story of becoming hopelessly addicted to drugs, because of performing many surgeries without rest! After her miracle through prayer, Dr. Yeomans wrote: "I was a perfect wreck mentally and physically." One of her nurses stated: "She was like a skeleton with a devil inside," to which Dr. Yeomans added: "I think her description, if not very flattering, was accurate."

After her miracle healing through faith in Jesus Christ, she spent more than forty years bringing the Gospel of Christ and His healing power to multitudes of sinful and sick people across America! 

Dr. Yeomans wrote: "At the time I was giving a Bible reading, I was aware of a silver-haired lady, a stranger, who was gazing intently at me from the very edge of the group. She made no move to approach until the others had dispersed. Then she came up to me and, looking right into my eyes, said, "Can you tell me where I can see Dr. Lillian B. Yeomans?"

I said, "Look at me." Her eyes seemed to try to pierce my very soul as she further inquired, "Are you that dope woman that I saw one day, years ago, clinging to any support within your reach to keep you from falling, and in spite of it you did fall on the floor from very weakness?"

"Yes; I am that woman," I replied. And when I had convinced her of my identity, she related to me the story of meeting me in the most deplorable condition while I was still "hurt with fetters" and "laid in iron", before the King sent and loosed me on that glorious and never to be forgotten day, the 12th of January, 1898."


To millions of hopeless, superstitious, and fearful slaves of sin, false religion, despotic tyrants and enslaving addictions, Jesus gives hope, peace and the sheer joy of liberty, safety, and the sense of family!

 What can Jesus be likened to? He is like water to someone dying of thirst, food to the starving refugee and pure familial love to the child of neglect, abuse, and violence! He is peace to the troubled mind, pardon to the tormented conscience and new health to the diseased body!  Jon Calvin - the great reformer - stated: "I gave my life to Jesus and what did I get in return?  I got everything in return."

Jesus said: "All power is given unto Me in heaven and on earth." (Matt. 28: 20). The Bible states: "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever." (Heb. 13: 8). The unchangeable and permanent character of His Word, places Jesus in a category by Himself! Without fear of contradiction, I declare that He alone is the world’s ONLY Saviour! (Heb.1:1-13; 2:14,15).

That means that Jesus Christ is Omnipotent (almighty), Omniscient (all wise), Omnipresent (everywhere present), Eternal (without beginning or ending) and Immutable (His Word and character are permanent)! There is no-one like Jesus in Heaven or earth!

The Bible says: “For God has allowed us to know the secret of His plan, and it is this: He purposed long ago in His Sovereign will that all human history should be consummated in Christ, that everything that exists in Heaven or earth should find its perfection and fulfillment in Him.” (Eph. 1: 10 - Phillips)

And He calls to you, my sinner friend! Will you answer, "Yes, Lord"? I pray that you will! Here is His offer to you: "Come unto Me all ye who labour and are heavy laden and I will give you rest." (Matt. 11: 28). Amen.

PLEASE NOTE: If you desire our prayers on your behalf, my friend, please write to us today. We will answer your letter, and we will pray for you! God loves you and so do we!                                                                                                                                               
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