Monday, August 9, 2021

                    HOUSE OF PRAYER
                     2021 CAMPMEETING 
                            AUGUST 9- 15
                                 A22180 Hiway 623, AB
                                         Harry & Gladys Rusk
                            Sunday 10:30 & 2:30 
                                              Brian & Esther Enns
                             Saturday 7:00
                                                      Victor Temple
                             Tuesday 7:00
                 Brian Rembowski & Team
                           Wednesday 7:00
                                                            Lenny Wesley
                                Don & Sharon Shultz

 August 9, 2021
Dear Friends in Christ,

I've finally given in to so many people who want to be my friends on FACEBOOK. Because of all the garbage there, I have avoided being on it. A few weeks ago, my friend Pastor Dean, morning man at Radio CJCA, convinced me to use that tool for God.

Over the week-end, God blessed us richly with Leland Johnson (whom I have known since he was 13 years old). Yesterday morning I shared a very important message which Jack has kindly put on My Facebook. It also includes YVONNE TRIGG's powerful testimony.

Tonight and tomorrow, Don and Sharon Shultz will sing the powerful  country Gospel songs I love so much. And tonight at 7 pm LENNY WESLEY & Team from Morley, AB will preach, testify and sing!

See you under the tent!

Your servants for Jesus' sake,
Pastor Max & Donna Solbrekken
Matt. 18:18, 19