Friday, September 25, 2020

OCT. 2,3, 4, 2020
Says Beverly Tashoots, Hazelton, B.C,
Kenny & Bev Tashoots minsitring at Christ
the Healer Gospel Church, Saskatoon in 2016

I am writing to let you know that through your Ministry in 1985, I was healed of deadly Ovarian Cancer. I was 70 pounds undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatment in the Cancer Control Clinic in Vancouver, B.C.  

I had to undergo the journey from Smithers and the treatment in Vancouver on a monthly basic! I heard that you were going to be in Moricetown at the Two Mile Church, but I was a Roman Catholic, so I hesitated for several days.

My friends urged me to attend so I did the very night before my scheduled flight to Vancouver. The church was packed but I got  a seat at the back. Suddenly, Pastor Max Solbrekken called me out, saying that the woman with the deadly cancer must forward immediately as God would heal her!

My friends helped me to the altar area and as Brother Max laid his hands on me and commanded the evil spirits to leave, the evil spirits came out and I fell to the floor. I felt the tumour warm up and roll over in my tummy area. I felt it leaving my body! I felt so good, but Brother Max urged me to go back to the Hospital and let them tell me what had happened. 

When they flew me back to Vancouver to resume treatments, I asked the doctor to give me a complete set of tests before resuming the chemo. I told them that if they could find even a little spot of cancer in my body, they could give me the treatment. If the tests were clear, however, I would refuse anymore treatments because I KNEW that God had healed me!

                        THE TEST PROVED THAT I WAS HEALED!
The doctors couldn't find any tumour or sign of cancer. They were amazed. All the doctors were brought into an observation room with large screens and bright lights. All the pictures of my cancer were shown before and after the miracle of God. I was perfectly healed and the doctors were joyous.

Then an amazing thing happened. The leading doctor said, "I have reserved your bed for another week. I want you to visit all our patients and encourage them with your testimony."  As I was leaving, the Lord whispered that my work was not finished, and I received permission to stay in my room for another two weeks to visit more sick people. Praise God!

 I returned home and gained weight. I now weigh 170 pounds! I have been cancer-free since the day you prayed for me, Pastor Max! The treatments, however, left me with a major problem - Spinal arthritis set in from head to toe. I also developed gout and bunions and had to have hormone replacements.

             AGAIN GOD HAD ANSWERED PRAYER!                      

On September 16, 2003, when you preached in Kitwancool (Gitanyou) I answered your altar call once more, this time for a miracle from crippling arthritis. I was having a hard time to walk without tripping over my feet and the pain was excruciating!   Once again you prayed for me and I was instantly freed and ran up and down the aisles. The pain was totally gone in a moment of time.

 The next morning I got up early to do my neglected housework, went out and chopped wood for the stove and have since climbed halfway up the little mountain nearby! And the gout and bunions are also gone from my feet! Praise God! He is an Awesome God! I love you Sister Donna and Brother Max Solbrekken. Hallelujah!

PLEASE NOTE; Kenny and Beverly now reside in Prince George, B.C. Kenny is an amazing Country Gospel Singer and blesses me greatly. Their DVD is now available!