Friday, August 30, 2019

By Pastor Max Solbrekken, D.D.
      “The only thing that can save our world out of difficulties and all evil is to return to the old-time Christianity with the old values which must totally saturate a people, if our culture is to be safe-guarded.” 
 -  Norway’s King Haakon speaking to his subjects over BBC Radio from London, England after fleeing from Hitler’s advancing Army.
    Canadians are in the danger of losing long-held Christian morality and values from our homes, churches, schools and society at large!
    Commerce, education, governments, judiciary, and society in general have all been tainted by the moral and spiritual backsliding of a large part of our populace!
     What is needed in our nation is a return to the old-fashioned principles and standards of righteous Christian morality and the reverence and godly “fear of the Lord” with love and compassion toward our fellowman!
     We have drifted from our godly roots as a Judaeo-Christian people, who have in the past been abundantly blessed with the favour of God. As a nation, however, we have slipped and fallen!
     Canada is presently on the verge of becoming a country without any moral compass and moral authority and has to a great extent already abandoned the teachings of the Word of God, the Holy Bible!
     An historical study of Israel clearly reveals that the Almighty God, Creator, Redeemer, Saviour and Lord of the Universe, punished His Chosen People by bringing hordes of pagans against them when they forsook Him.
     Repeatedly, He allowed their enemies to rule over them, until they were willing to repent of their sins and return unto the Lord!
    The Holy Bible says: “Has a nation changed its gods, which are not gods? But My people have changed their Glory for what does not profit. For My people have committed two evils; They have forsaken Me, the  Fountain of Living Waters, and hewed themselves cisterns – broken cisterns that can hold no water.” (Jer. 2: 11, 13)
    “Thus saith the Lord: Stand in the ways and see, And ask for the old paths, where the good way is, And walk in it; Then you will find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.” (Jer. 6: 16)
  Europeans have mostly forsaken the Lord and are wallowing in immorality, sexual perversion, pornography, prostitution, alcohol and drug abuse, gambling, corruption, abortion and pedophilia. God’s judgment has already begun there. France is beginning to feel the brunt of Islamic terrorism and a violent backlash against the godlessness that is perverting the entire society there!
      I urge all Canadians in high places and low to repent and to call upon the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ for His mercy, blessing and protection. We must return to God nationally and begin winning to Christ the precious non-believers in our midst before Canada also is torn apart by fanatical religious terrorists, who are intent upon conquest and mastery!  
    Fredrick Douglas - former slave who became a great orator and U.S. Minister - wrote: "Those who profess to favor freedom, yet deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground. They want rain without thunder and lightening. They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters.
     “This struggle may be a moral one; or it may be a physical one; or it may be both moral and physical; but it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will."
    As Hitler’s great armies were sweeping across Europe in 1939, King George V1 of Great Britain quoted the following poem in his Christmas Message on BBC Radio:
     “I said to the Man at the gate of the year, ‘Give me a lamp that I might see the way.’ He said to me, ‘Put your hand in the hand of God. That will be to you better than a lamp and more than a known way’.”                                                                                                              
Join with us in Sincere, Desperate, Concerted and United Prayer for Canada, at this Present Time in our History. A Grassroots Revival of Righteousness and Evangelical Christianity is the Only Thing that will Reverse the Terrible trend of APOSTACY and APATHY in the Church, UNGODLINESS in the General Population and a Blatant Rejection of BIBLE VALUES, MORALITY and PRINCIPLES among our YOUTH!    --  Pastor Max Solbrekken, D.D.