Thursday, November 8, 2018

Len Laboucan in Saskatoon
                                   Pastor Max Solbrekken in Bulgaria
Dear Friends in Christ,
In 1993 Moses had been in a diabetic coma in the University Hospital in Edmonton for 2 1/2 months. All his loved ones were waiting for the doctor to shut down the entire life support system on Easter Sunday April 11, 1993. 
On Thursday evening, Donna and I were in the office packing up things for my journey to Norway and Russia the next morning. About ten o'clock, Len Laboucan called with an emergency, begging me if I were at the office to pick up the phone. 
Len said. "This is an emergency. They will shut down my Dad's life support on Sunday. If you can, please come and pray for Moses before  they pull out all the plugs!   We left for the hospital immediately. Moses' wife was in the room when Len and I arrived. I shared God's Word for about 15 minutes and then we prayed. 
I felt the presence of God in a very powerful way. I prayed with great unction almost lost in the Spirit. I reminded the Lord that 25 years earlier in that same hospital, I had prayed for  a young man who was unconscious from a brain injury and that he awakened three days later well and resumed a normal lifestyle. 
Then I stopped and said, "Lord as you awakened that young man three days later, let this man Moses Laboucan awaken within three days. Amen.
I was in Europe when it happened on Sunday morning. Len came down early to be with his Dad alone. As he walked into the Intensive Care Unit, he felt a wind strike him in the chest. As he walked into his dad's room he felt lighthearted. 
For 2 1/2 months he had stood and cried, but now he felt joyous. He said, "Moses, Today is Resurrection Sunday. Are you just going to lie there or are you going to get up and walk?"
All of  a sudden his Dad's little legs began to move up and down. He grabbed the railings of his bed and with tubes in his nose and mouth, he said,  "Get me out of here. I have much work to do!"

The nurses and doctors rushed into the room. A nurse had a large hypodermic needle in her hand. Len asked, "What are you going to do?" She said, "Im going to calm him down." He said, "Don't touch him. He's been quiet too long!"

 Within ten days Moses Laboucan walked out a well man, to the glory of God! The doctors report said, ' heart  affected, bladder infected, liver white, blood black, one lung collapsed, brain probably dead. Across the report he wrote MIRACLE MAN!

Moses passed away last year, 25 years after he had been given up to die. I had the privilege of preaching at his funeral and today again it is my privilege to share again at his Memorial Service.
I will be speaking 7:00 pm tomorrow Friday at the CHATEAU NOVA Yellowhead n, St. Albert Trail Edmonton.

Don't forget I will be ministering at the House of Prayer Gospel Church on Hiway # 623 South of New Sarepta AB on Sunday 10: 30 Am.

In Christ's Name 
Pastor Max Solbrekken
2 Cor 4: 5 / Heb 13:8