Thursday, June 14, 2018

House of Prayer on Highway 623, 
south of New Sarepta, AB
JUNE 23- JULY 1 - 7:00 PM

Peterson Gospel Band

Pastor Max & Herve St. Denis on T.V.
'Theology Made Simple'
Selia Mitanski -Amazing Gospel Singer
Hard drinking  heavy duty mechanic,
Wayne Pratt converted in 1976 while
watching Max Solbrekken on T.V.
 Max Solbrekken's 1968 Newfoundland Crusade.
Great miracles of healing & deliverance brought
many to Christ and great glory to God!
Max Solbrekken at 1998 Gospel Crusade 
in Dar es Salaam,Tanzania. Multitudes were 
touched, saved and healed by the Lord.
Max Solbrekken Madras, India Crusade, 1966
Max & Donna Solbrekken still reaching hurting 
humanity in Jesus' holy and majestic Name!
                    ATHABASCA TENT CRUSADE
                                              ATHABASCA RIVER FRONT GAZEBO
                                            JULY 13-22 DAILY 7:00 P
                                   LOCAL CHURCHES, SINGERS, MUSICIANS INVOLVED 
                         FOR INFO CALL: HERVE ST. DENIS 780-305-1510 / JOHN OKEMOW 780-805-9881