Saturday, September 23, 2017

By Pastor Max Solbrekken, D.D.

Several years ago as was sitting at the kitchen table, suddenly words began coming into my mind in rhyme. I took a pen and jotted then down on paper. Here they are:

Victory in Jesus, my Saviour forever
His promise is, 'I'll forget you never'
Born of the Spirit, I am His very own
My sins all forgiven by His Blood alone

His love so amazing, His mercy divine
He took me and made His Father mine
I was a delinquent, so far from His fold
With love He called me out of the cold

I've been walking with Jesus for many years
I listen for His Voice that quells all my fears
I hear Him say, 'Fear not my precious son
I'll come to get you when your work is done.'

The world is waiting for the message of love
Longing for a touch from the Master Above
Haste then My servant, be quick to say, 'Yes'
Tell them of Jesus & His name they'll confess

I called you to labour in My vineyard so large
You were willing to go, so I gave you a Charge
Stand firm on My promise, 'I'll leave you not'
Right to the end until all the battles are fought

Great things I have shown you over the years
Through much joy and sorrow and even tears
You've been true to the Gospel of My dear Son
In numerous places lost souls have been won

The Blood of the Lamb you've exalted so high
Doubters have queried; you've told them why
From John the Baptist who said, 'This is He'
Through His Blood, you've made demons flee

It's much darker now then when you began
To carry My Son's Gospel from land to land
This is the beginning of the 'Time of the End'
Satan is working to destroy Jesus' friends

He moves like a lion to steal, kill and destroy
Proud hate-filled leaders his tools do deploy
Fearful and desperate his fate is well known
The Battle was over when I moved the Stone

Soldiers fell to the ground when Jesus arose
Satan's End is near, as the Liar well knows
The Gospel of Christ will set all men free
God's Miracles of Power will bring liberty

The trumpet will sound & the saints will ascend
To meet our dear Saviour and departed friends
The Glory of God will stretch from sky to sky
And to this old world, you'll say a final goodbye