Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Amos Badger, Canada
Canada's Amos Badger: 21-year-old Gospel Singer 

Dear friends in  Christ,

We will be celebrating Easter at Christ the Healer Gospel Church in Saskatoon on April 14, 15 & 16. Our (Free) Turkey & Ham Dinner begins at 6:30 PM on Saturday. 

The Lamb Sisters will be with us. We are also featuring Amos Badger, one of Canada's Amazing young Gospel singers. On Friday 7:00 we will  have a Good Friday service with the Lord's Supper.

Dr. Peter Eppinga will be with us at the Easter Convention, as will be Mark Laubman from Edmonton.

Mark Laubman a converted Mormon (for 35 years) who drives the LRT train in Edmonton will share the amazing miracles he has seen this year. He was converted three years ago and last July was baptized with the Holy Spirit and healed of diabetes in our New Sarepta Camp Meeting. 

About a month ago he received  a Red Alert.  A passenger who was wild on drugs was causing a disturbance. At the next Station Mark opened all the doors on the train and headed to that car. He confronted the crazy man, who had his hand suspiciously in his pocket, saying: "In the Name of Jesus, you will not harm anyone on this train." 
The man looked down and walked quietly out the door and up the escalator to the main concourse, without saying a word. When Mark got to the next station, a Sargent with the Security Police called him and asked, "A crazy guy on drugs came off your train." Mark told him what had happened. The Sargent reported,"The guy went crazy and it took six officers to take him down. In his pocket he was carrying a hunting knife." God had protected Mark and the passengers on that crowded train. Praise God!

I will be delivering several messages on the substitutionary death of Jesus the Christ of God, for us all on Golgotha's Hill  so many years ago. His amazing vicarious  death for us and His glorious resurrection three days later stunned Jerusalem and is being heralded world-wide still today by an army of blood washed saints of God, many living under the Satanic influene of 'Enemies of the Cross'.

Our prayers go up to our Heavenly Father in the name of His glorified Son Jesus Christ, for persecuted Christians everywhere for their deliverance and peace. And may the savages who rape, torture, crucify and behead Christ's beautiful children, have a Saul of Tarsus Conversion Experience and be liberated from their heathen Islamic terrorism!

In Jesus' Name,
Pastor Max Solbrekken
2 Cor 4: 5; Heb 13: 8