Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Max Solbrekken World Mission
Box 44220 RPO Garside
Edmonton, AB T5V 1N6
W.W. Freeman in centre. Don Gossett on 
the left and Max Solbrekken on our right.

Dear Christian Friends,
   Greetings in Jesus' dear Name!
   Donna and I will be in Langley and Vancouver for three powerful services on March 1 & 2.
    Presently we are in Hawaii where God has given us some rest as well as strong ministry among the Filipino Brethren, whom we have known since 1980. 
   We have to be back in Saskatchewan for March 4 & 5 but could not resist the invitation to visit BC on our way back home.
    We lived in White Rock from the fall of 1963 until the fall of 1969 when God called us to move to Edmonton, where we have resided until now. 
   Above is a picture of our Crusade with W.W. Freeman which my good friend Don Gossett and I arranged in January 1966 at the Kingsway Motor Hotel. For the first few days we had to plow snow, but the snow soon melted and we had a powerful meeting.
     On the first evening, Brother Freeman reached down and touched a soul seeking salvation, when suddenly she declared, “My deaf ear just opened. I can now hear perfectly!”  A touch from God's servant in Jesus' name produced a miracle. 
   In 1949, William W. Freeman was supernaturally called of God and witnessed some of the greatest miracles ever seen. Don Gossett was his assistant for several years and saw a blind, deaf and dumb mongoloid teenager instantly made whole. As a result of that miracle 1,500 members of the Greek Community in that US city came to Christ as Saviour.
    Don Gossett and I invited Rev. Don Moore and Pastor Curtis Mitchell to join us as well. It was a great send off for Tom Tutyko and myself as we embarked a week later for our first 3 1/2 month Crusade For Christ across the world, beginning in Hong Kong and ending in Jerusalem!
    Please meet Donna and me at the following meetings:

* VANCOUVER, BC – Wed. & Thur. 7:00 PM, MARCH 1 & 2
Vancouver Pentecostal Church, 304 East 26 Ave. (Sofia & 26th.)
* LANGLEY, BC – Thursday 12:00 NOON, MARCH 2
FGBMI Luncheon at  Andrea's Restaurant 20227 – 56 Ave

May our dear Lord Jesus Christ bless you, heal you and keep you, I pray!

In His holy and wonderful Name,
God's servant,
Pastor Max Solbrekken, 
2 Cor 4: 5 / Heb.13: 8
                             Max & Donna Solbrekken in Hawaii