Monday, August 29, 2016

Dr. Max Solbrekken was known as Canada's Missionary Evangelist in 1973. He had taken Christ's Gospel to multitudes across the world since 1965. Through several supernatural events, my husband was led to Valletta Malta where God used him to open that nation to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After his visit to the Roman Catholic Archbishop Monsignor Michael Gunzi, he was welcomed to conduct the first ever Gospel Crusade in Malta and became the First Protestant Minister in 1,000 years to preach Jesus Christ in Malta! How amazing and wonderful. All Glory to God! - Donna Solbrekken

   Max Solbrekken standing on a rock at the very spot where St. Paul came ashore after the shipwreck in 60 A.D. Max Solbrekken made history on December 4. 1973 when he became the first Protestant Minister to preach the Gospel publicly to the Maltese people. He broke a 1,000 year-old law that forbade anyone except  a Roman Catholic priest to preach in Malta. That law was put into place by the Knights of Malta 1,000 years earlier to keep out the Muslim hordes. In 1973, Jehovah Witnesses were imprisoned for going from door to door.  
     After preaching to the Roman Catholic Archbishop His Grace Monsignor Michael Gunzi for about 20 minutes, he warmly offered Max Solbrekken his hand saying: "I wish you the very best success in preaching the Gospel of Jesus to the Maltese people."  
    The Canadian Preacher was invited to meet the Chief of Police, Mr. Enoch Tonna for a private meeting, in which  he received Jesus Christ as his Lord and Saviour. Shortly thereafter the 1,000 year-old law was abrogated, and since that time there has been complete religious freedom in Malta.
     Dr. Max Solbrekken regrets that there is a Muslim Mosque as well as a J.W. Kingdom Hall in Malta, however, there are many Gospel Churches in Valetta and throughout Malta! Amen.
Max Solbrekken with His Grace Michael Gunzi
Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Church in
Valletta, Malta, December 4, 1973
Rev. Max Solbrekken with Chief of Police at
Valletta, Malta on December 4, 1973
Rev. David Wolfe, Chaplain to Norwegian sailors
with Rev. Max Solbrekken on December 5, 1973, 
at the spot where St. Paul came ashore holding 
on to the ship's wreckage in 60 A.D.
Max Solbrekken with statue of St. Paul
A humble Pastor asking for prayer!
Rev. Max Solbrekken prays for leading
Pastor of the Large Cathedral in Valletta.
St. Paul's statue in prominent places
                                     TO GOD BE THE GLORY IN JESUS'