Friday, April 5, 2013

See the 'Old Style Preacher Man', Max Solbrekken on YouTube in vintage b/w 1970 message to the nation on CTV titled 'Crossing the Deadline!' Go to my BLOG: 'I Preached the Gospel and Jesus Christ Saved, Healed & Blessed the people." - Pastor Max Solbrekken

   Max & Donna Solbrekken
preaching the
Gospel of Jesus Christ
Max & Donna with Premier Joey Smallwood at his 
home in Newfoundland, 1968. Canada's last 'Father
of Confederation' read from  his mother's Bible!
Max & Donna in Kelowna BC, 1976
Max & Donna standing in a wheat field near Norquay 
SK close to the farm where Max was raised, 2006
Max & Donna at Tim Horton's Restaurant across 
the street  from Christ the Healer Gospel Church 
136 Ave F S Saskatoon, SK (2008)  477-0200
Fred Solbrekken had this sign professionally painted 
in 1964 for Max's Winnipeg Crusade. We are using  it 
to announce the New Sarepta June 29- July 1, 2013.
Everyone is welcome. Bring your trailers, campers!
Make your plans  to join Max & Donna Solbrekken 
JUNE 28 - JULY 1, 2013 for the Canada Day Summer
CAMP MEETING, Hiway 623 south of New Sarepta, AB
Max Solbrekken & Nelson Aprigio preaching to
an estimated 300,000 people at Assembly of God
Crusade, Parque Brasil, Paulinia, SP April 13, 2005
Max Solbrekken & Dr. David Perriera in Lisbon
Portugal  at 2008 Gospel Crusade
Pastor Hudson Silva introduces Dr. Max Solbrekken
to his lively congregation in Lisbon Portugal, 2008
Dr. Max Solbrekken preaches in an Assembly of
God Minister's Convention in  Brazil. In 2005
Pastor Max ministered to about 10,000
 Pastors in 4 separate Conferences!
Max Solbrekken & Dr Nicholas Krushnitzky in
Taipai, Tawain Minister's Conference, 2000 
After  powerful crusades in Darfur Sudan,  Cairo 
Egypt and Norway in 2007, the MS World Mission
purchased an old synagogue in a rough part of 
Saskatoon and did extensive renovations and 
today it is a strong influence in Saskatoon, SK
A Moravian Church built in 1918 by godly men was
closed in 1982. A leading Minister planned to remove
the Consecration Blessing but was forbidden by the
Holy Spirit to do so.  About to be taken over by the 
County of Leduc for taxes, it was offered to the Max
Solbrekken World Mission who have totally restored
 it at great cost and  labour. It was dedicated to God 
on July 1, 2011 and God is blessing greatly! Amen
The Solbrekken Evangelistic Association of Canada
bought the Tivoli Ballroom in 1969 and it served as 
a Centre of Evangelism in Edmonton, AB until 1976 
when they obtained the Lutheran Church property
at 15641- 96A Ave and in 1980 built Faith Cathedral .
Edmonton Revival Centre 1969 - 1976 experienced
great moves of the blessed Holy Spirit with miracles,
signs and wonders and many conversions to Christ.
Faith Cathedral (1989) flowing with God`s presence!
Thousands of souls had found salvation, new hope, 
God's love, peace and  healing through the Ministry 
of the SEA, MS World Mission, Faith Cathedral and 
the Canadian Bible Academy. All honour, Glory and 
Praise be unto God through Jesus Christ our Lord.
October 26, 1969 the Edmonton Revival Centre was
 founded. The Name was changed to Faith Cathedral
 in 1978. The New Sanctuary was completed in 1980.
When God called Pastor Max Solbrekken to preach
extensively in the former Soviet Union (1989- 1995),
Faith Cathedral and People's Church amalgamated.
The date was October 26, 1991, exactly 22 years to
 the day of  Edmonton Revival Centre's founding.

In 1970 the CBC called him, ‘The Old Style Preacher Man’. Others 
say, “Max Solbrekken preaches Hell hot, Eternity long and God’s grace unfathomable.” Pastor Max Solbrekken says: “There is no one like Jesus. He is the Redeemer, the world’s Only Saviour. Jesus Christ is the Liberator of Mankind and the Emancipator of the Human Race. People across the world have asked, “Who is Max Solbrekken?  He says, “For fifty years, I have carried His Gospel across the world. 
I am a Messenger Boy For Jesus!”

The Bible Message ‘Crossing the Deadline’ was preached on CTV in 1970. Max Solbrekken invites you to open your heart to the Holy Spirit. Call upon Jesus and be saved by His grace. Call upon Him and be healed of your sicknesses and infirmities. Call upon Him and be filled with His peace, joy and love.  Here is a man who is not afraid to preach the truth, Dr. Max Solbrekken. - YouTube